Triathlon Coaching

Whether you are new to Triathlon or are a seasoned triathlete, let head4fitness help you achieve your triathlon goals.  As a qualified Personal Trainer and Triathlon Coach, Rob uses all of his 20 years experience to tailor programmes to suit your every need taking into account your daily life routine.

Whatever your target is, be that to finish or to podium, Rob will cater for your every need in order that you can indeed ‘achieve the unthinkable’.  The main emphasis on each training plan is to ensure that it is objective enought to get you into the best shape possible whilst staying injury free.

Rob specialises in using heart rate for training to ensure that you get individualism in each training session, but also, so that you do not overtrain (one of the main reasons for injury during training).

Within the bespoke training programmes you will get:

  • A bespoke periodised training programme based on your goals.
  • Progress review and feedback.
  • Sessions based on personal heart rate training zones.
  • Strength and Conditioning programme that compliments your triathlon training.
  • Coach contact via email or skype.

So, if you want to reach your triathlon goals and are unsure as to how to do it contact head4fitness and let Rob help you ‘achieve the unthinkable’.

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