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Up and Running…


I mentioned the other day that I would be putting training plans on and the first one is available as a free download.  You can use the drop down on training plans to see the first of the running programmes or follow this link to take you straight to the page.

Remember that if you are new to exercise make sure that you are ready to undertake training.  The first programme in the series is a beginners 5km training plan.  It is generic but will hopefully enable you to complete a 5km run in 8 weeks.  I hope you enjoy it and feel free to give feedback.

Have a fit and healthy day



Coming Soon…


Well I’ve been busy away from here so thought it about time I updated on what has been going on.  In short, I’ve put together a number of training plans that you can download.  Whatever your level of fitness, I am hoping that you will be able to use the appropriate training plans and gain some benefit from them.  Be that structure, fitness, motivation, whatever it may be.

The first one will be uploaded on Thursday – Beginners 5km.  It is an 8 week training programme based on someone who has minimal fitness and will (I hope) enable you to complete 5km in 8 weeks.  Be that a Park Run, Race for Life, or even just completing 5km, this programme will be free to download and use.

I will also be uploading intermediate and advanced programmes that you can also dowload for free.  The first will be for 5km, but by the end I am aiming to incorporate many more running, cycling, swimming and triathlon training plans so keep your eyes peeled.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

Daily Training….


If you follow, or have come across this blog you will notice that I am currently putting together New Year…New Challenge posts.  The aim is simple – try and get yourself more active but not just from a physical perspective.  This week is about not procrastinating and getting something done that you have talked about.  I too am taking this on as I prepare for Outlaw.  So, my new block of training revolves around increase in training.  My plan is to increase to 2 training sessions per day.  I will still be working soley around aerobic training, but I will be increasing the training to ensure that I cover 2 different phases of training each day.

Today was swim and run.  Both are going well and I am now pushing on the distance, but staying aerobic within both disciplines.  Todays sessions were:


  • 400m warm up
  • 3 x 800m split 200m pull, 600m swim
  • 200m cool down

A pretty simple set but worth doing.  The main concentration on this is pacing.  I ensure that I count my stroke rate every 4 length to make sure that I am not slacking off (too much) towards the end of each 800.  I will stick with this, but Apr will increase to 4 x 800s and May to 5 x 800s.  I am also going to look at dry warm ups rather than warming up in the pool.  Whilst you get the opportunity to have a little swim prior to racing, I beleive that if I can get my body used to preparing out of the water when it comes to race day it should be ok.  I’ll keep you posted on how I get on with this.


  • 90 min track run @aerobic pacing.

Again, back on the track.  I am getting used to the monotiny of track running for long periods, but I have also taken myself away from running circles from time to time.  The track run is primarily there for two reasons.  Firstly, it helps me pace on a flat route.  The Outlaw run is pretty flat, so if I can get the pacing right now, hopefully it will work come race day.  Secondly, I need to be able to stay focused on the run.  I don’t want my mind to wander as this could cause me to run too fast or too slow.  Staying focused on the pacing will hopefully allow me to hit the run in the time that I want to achieve.

A good training set today.  2.5 hours of training and feeling good.  Swim and Bike tomorrow.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

Up Early…….


I was listening to an audible book by Jim Rohn the other day and he was talking about people’s reactions relating to getting up early.  “You’re up early” or “Why do you get up so early” – something along those lines seems to be the norm.  His answer was great (in my opinion) – “Well, you’d be up this early too if you were going where I’m going”.  He does talk a bit more indepth but I hope you get the point?

Well, I was up early this morning.  Out and running by 05:15.  Out and running for 1hour 30min.  That means by 06:45 I’ve completed my long run before some people have even thought about getting out of bed.  Why?  Simple.  I’ve got somewhere to go and if you were going where I’m going, you’ve been up that early too!

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

Daily Training…….


As I continue my journey to Outlaw, here is a sample from last weeks training.  In the context of triathlon I thought I would share with you a swim, bike and run session from last weeks training programme.  Overall the training is going well, although the outdoor bike is not going as well as I had hoped due to the weather.  Not that I am afraid of getting cold/wet but I would rather stay injury/accident free as there has been a lot of black ice on the roads recently, so the bike commute has been put on hold.


Aim – Pacing with leg work.  My target for outlaw is 1:36/100m for the swim, so I am doing a lot of pacing work, trying to ensure that I stay within my times.  At the moment, I am hitting around 1:43/100m, but bearing in mind I have just over 5 months left, I am happy and not worrying about the difference at the moment.  Leg work thrown in because I have about as much kick power as a new born deer (sorry if I offend any deer by that comment).

Session as:

400m warm up – Nice and relaxed making sure that I stay as smooth as possible with long and full strokes

3 x 250m on 5 min – The aim of this is to try and hit the same time (approx 4:15-4:20) for 10 lengths.  This gives me 40-45 sec recovery so that I can maintain the pacing again for the next set.

3 x 25m kick/50m swim/25m kick – Working the bambi legs!  30 sec recovery between sets.  Legs feel this one, especially on the 3rd set.

Repeat both again.

200m cool down – Various strokes, but as with warm up, nice and long with the strokes at a very easy pace.


Thank goodness for a wattbike.  This may be a bit of a gloat and I am very lucky to be able to use a wattbike, but it’s a fantastic bit of kit.  As with all my biking at the moment, it’s all about keeping aerobic.  This was a 2 hour bike keeping at a cadence of 90rpm.  I manipulate the air resistance to keep me high aerobic as I want to be able to push to the aerobic limit without being over.  If my HR begins to stray then I decrease the air resistance accordingly.  To be honest I don’t monitor my Power output as much as I maybe should do, but one thing I do look at is my force distribution.  I currently sit around 52/48 with my left leg stronger than my right.  I am hoping that by sorting out my pedal technique a little I can get this to 50/50 pretty soon.  NB:  Tracee seems to be able to hit 50/50 every time she uses the bike, so I have some work to do in order to get my technique as good as hers.


Oh, the track!  This was an hour and a half track run and as with the bike, this was strictly aerobic.  My target for Outlaw is 5:00min/km for the marathon.  Now, I know that I would be able to run 5:00min/km now, but not staying aerobic.  I could do it within my theshold pace, but the fall out from this would be that my muscles may be too tired to train the time/distance I need the next day.  I also know that I probably will be more into threshold than staying aerobic when I race, but if I can train my body to maintain the pace and slowly improve, I think that I will be on target when I get to Nottingham (or as near as possible).  I currently sit around 5:45min/km at an aerobic pace, so again I am happy with this.  This has been a reduction of over 1min since my training started.

Overall a productive week that has kept me smiling when I think about how long I have left to train.  I am sure that these next 23 weeks will fly by, but I am hoping that if I keep this training and structure up I will be able to hit my targets.

Have a fit and healthy day.

Rob 🙂


Daily Training……


I now have just under 24 weeks to Outlaw.  I thought I would not drone on about my training upto now, but will be posting some of my training sessions that I am doing.  Hope you will find them interesting and maybe you can have a go at some of the sessions.

Today was swim and run.  I am still working around aerobic training and slowly builidng the distance up.  Today’s sessions were as follows:


  • Warm up – 4 x 100m building pace
  • Main Set – 1 x 800m; 2 x 400m; 4 x 200m on 16 min; 8 min; 4 min.
    • The 800m I concentrated on smooth strokes whilst the 400s and 200s were concentrating on bilateral breathing.
  • Cool Down – 1 x 200m very easy pace

I’m very happy with where my swim is at currently.  Distance will continue to grow over the next 6 weeks.


  • 1hr 20 min track run at aerobic pace.
    • I am still concentrating on my aerobic run pace.  I can’t see myself running any quicker than aerobic on the race, so I am still running with my HRM at sorting out my pacing.  The distance with my running is gradually increasing too and I will now not be running any less than this unless I complete a midweek brick.

Overall training is going well and I am happy with both my structure and fitness levels.  I have changed my training this year to 100% aerobic following my HRM and I will probably stick with this until race day unless something goes drastically wrong.  I have found that by keeping aerobic I am able to train more and my recovery is easier.  I don’t have sore muscles from pushing myself too much, but I am also finding that my base fitness is improving greatly.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

Less is Sometimes More………


Over the past few weeks my running training has been all track based.  Primarilly so that I can work on my mental focus for running longer distances.  However, I have still found myself at times being drawn to how far I am running and hoping that each time I run I will go a little further each time.

My last run was without doubt the best run that I have had since I began my new training block.  I ran the same time as I have for the past few weeks but I did not cover the same amount of distance; so how could it be my best run?  Because I am now becoming one with my body and fully understanding how it feels when I run at a certain tempo and I am also losing the desire that I have to go further and faster to make the training session count.  The fallout from the lose of this desire is that my body will hopefully produce improvement at a greater rate than if I continued to try and improve my distance every time I ran – let me explain.

Exercising itself does not produce improvement it is merely a stimulus which causes the body to make the improvements.  The amount of energy and resources the body uses whilst exercising increases in proportion to the intensity of effort.  Recovery from and adaptation to exercise is also very metabolically expensive, requiring significant energy and resources.  It is therefore necessary to limit the volume of exercise to the minimal amount required to stimulate the desired improvements saving energy and resources which the body could use for recovery and adaptation.  The point being that if you push your body continually hard, you will reach a point of diminishing return and your body will fail to make the improvements that you are expecting.  From this you will push harder again, and harder again, and then push yourself to overtrain and lead to potential injury.

So, the next time that you go for a training session remember that it is not the training that is producing the improvement, it is only providing the stimulus that causes the body to make the improvement.  If you use too much energy, there is the potential for your body to not fully improve, therefore it could be said that ‘less is sometimes more’

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂