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The Not So ‘Easy Training’…


When we sign up to race there needs to be small large print that says something along the lines of ‘Do you realise how long it is going to take to train for this race?’ and ‘Do you realise the impact it will have on you and those around you?’

Training of any sort takes dedication.  You program your training into your day, but at times it feels that you need 25 hours rather than 24 you’re given.  You plan that long run or that long bike, but life gets in the way and you have to cut it short.  What do you do?  Do you go out for 60 min instead of the 90 min that was planned?  Do you play catch up later in the week and try and ‘squeeze’those missed minutes somewhere else in your training?  The answer is never as straight forward as we hope it will be, but one element of training that I am beginning to really appreciate as I progress towards Outlaw is time management.

It’s all to easy to say, I am going to train this and that tomorrow, but when it comes to the day your everyday life takes over.  On a personal level, I now have to work out when I can fit my training not only in my working day, but outside of that time too without having an adverse effect.  At the moment and for the forseeable future, my alarm is permanently set to 5am.  If I get up this early, I can make sure that I can get a long run in before my drive to work.  I can also get up early enough to ensure that I can bike to work if the weather permits (I will ride in the rain, but when it’s too cold I stay off the roads if possible).  I also have to be pragmatic with my approach to training.  There will be times when it just is not going to happen. Those curveballs come along and wham, before we know it training time has been and gone.  Learning to suck it up and move on is something that I have learned along the way.


Going back to the earlier question of do you try and squeeze the training in elsewhere.  For me it’s a simple no.  If I miss it, I miss it.  Missing that one training session here and there will not have too much of an advers effect (I hope!), but missing too much will.  So when it comes to your training, especially those long sessions, plan well, expect the unexpected but if you miss it, you miss it.  Don’t try and play catch up because if you do, your training may catch up with you!

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂


New Year…New Challenge..Wk 9


Welcome back and say hello to week 9.

The observant amongst you will be asking the question “what about week 8?”  Yes, I did miss out week 8, but that was deliberate and I will go into a little story as to why.

A good few years ago I had a group of individuals for 3 weeks on a training camp.  The aim of the camp was to get them to bring up their fitness up to a satisfactory level.  Each week the intensity and frequency of training sessions increased, but, from day one we went for a 4 mile final run of the day at 8pm.  As the first 2 weeks progressed everyone was ready and at 8pm we went out for a run.  Time was irrelevant as the onus was simple – the sooner you finished, the sooner the day’s training was over.  On the third week come 8pm I left them to their own devices.  On the first 2 days, I left it until 8:30pm and then went to find them in their rooms.  “Let’s go then” and off we would go.  Now, the onus of the final run was still the same – as soon as you were finished the training day was finished.  But for the first two days they waited until I prompted them to run before they ran.  After the Tuesday run I got them all together and asked why nobody had started their run at 8pm?  The answer was simple and unanimous – they were all waiting to be told to go.  I then explained to them that after these 3 weeks were up, I, nor any of my trainers would be there to tell them to go out for a run.  They would have to go out on their own accord.  The rest of the week everyone went out at 8pm with out being reminded.  A small breakthrough, but a breakthrough non the less.

So, my moral for this is that I hope that despite me not prompting you are keeping up with the challenge.  If you had a ‘rest week’ last week well not to worry.  I hope you understand the reasoning behind the lack of week 8 and I hope that you don’t see it as a cop out on my behalf.


Well, this week is a challenge of bigger proportion.  I want you to challenge yourself to this – No More Procrastination.  I am sure that there is something that you have always said that you want to do but only got round to talking about it?  I know I have.  So, over the next 4 weeks, I want you to stop talking about atleast one thing and get it done.  No matter what it is, stop talking; start doing.

Let me know how you are getting on.  I too am going to be taking on this challenge and you will be able to see how I get on by following the blog.

Have a fit and healthy week.

Rob 🙂

Mexican Bean Soup………


Over the weekend Tracee was back to bulk cooking and produced this amazing Mexican Bean Soup.  It tastes fantastic and is definitely something that warms the cockles in this colder weather.  It is certainly a meal that you look forward too especially after a hard evening swim session.  Packed full of nutritional goodness it not only hits the spot taste wise but leavings you feeling satiated without feeling overly full.  Super easy to make and doesn’t break the bank.


  • 1 onion – finely chopped
  • 4 garlic cloves – minced
  • 2 400g tins chopped tomato
  • 400g can black beans – rinsed
  • 400g can cannellini beans – rinsed (you can use other beans if you wish)
  • 1 cup frozen sweetcorn
  • 4 cups veg stock
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 2 tsp chipotle paste
  • 2 tsp mild chilli powder
  • Lime juice to taste
  • small bunch fresh coriander – finely chopped
  • 1/2 cup short grain brown rice – rinse well before cooking
  • Salt/Pepper to taste


  • Saute the onion and garlic in a little of the veg stock until onions are softened.  Add tomato and spices.  Cook for a few minutes.
  • Add beans, sweetcorn, rice and remaining veg stock.  Simmer gently for 25 min or until rice is cooked.
  • Season to taste with lime juice and salt/pepper and then serve.

We topped ours with some cashew sour cream, spring onion and corriander.  Easy peasy recipe that is great for bulk cooking and can be frozen in portion size batches.

Boot Camp Workout……..


Here is last night’s boot camp workout.  Working hard on the legs.

This workout is easy to manipulate to your own fitness level.  The main theme was 3 sets worked as follows:

Warm Up – Prepare the body for exercise.  This warm up was about warming the muscles rather than increasing the HR too much.  Spend as much time as you need to warm up, especially if it is cold.


  • 60 sec exercise 1
  • 30 sec recovery
  • 30 sec exercise 2
  • 1 run (approx 400m in distance)
  • 1 min recovery (water break if needed)
  • repeat 3 times

Exercises used:

Circuit 1:

  • Exercise 1 – Squats
  • Exercise 2 – Incline Press Ups – this was performed on a park bench.

Circuit 2:

  • Exercise 1 – Lunges
  • Exercise 2 – Leg raises – again using a park bench.  Sit on the end of the bench and raise and lower your legs, keeping them straight.

Circuit 3:

  • Exercise 1 – Split Lunge – work for 30 sec on each leg
  • Exercise 2 – Incline Wide Arm Press Ups – on the bench again.  Use the back of the bench for a more inclined effort.  WIDE arms on this one though.

Cool Down – Remember to bring your body down from an exercised state.  Ensure that you stretch off all the major muscle groups, pay particular attention to your quads and hamstrings.

By the end of this session, your legs will undoubtedly be screaming at you.  Work strong and make sure that you keep your form good.

Have a fit and healthy day.

Rob 🙂



Journey to Outlaw 70.3……….


So, I was a little reluctant to write this post let alone publish it. But I figured its good to get circumstances out there, be they positive or negative.

Anyway this week has been SH1T and training has been non-existent due to a shoulder injury. This has caused a spiralling effect that has returned me back to facing my inner critic; and losing (to a degree).

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been on a long journey of self-discovery since Dec 14. One element of this journey has been the ability to disassociate with my inner critic. You know, the vile Gollum creature who tells you that you are not worthy; you can’t do this; you will always fail. The disassociation has been a hard wall to scale, but one that I had climbed to the top of and was getting over the other side. That was until I injured myself and then lost motivation to train through extreme tiredness due lack of sleep because of the pain in my shoulder. This then snowballed as my loss of motivation seemed to be the fuel for my inner critic telling me that I was going to fail. This brought on less motivation and so the snowball grew and grew taking me back down the rabbit hole to my deep dark place, the same place I was in after my trauma.

How did I get out of this spiralling pit? Well I woke at 4am today, with an absolute desperate need to overcome this awful feeling I had inside and get back on track, but just needed a little extra help. So, off to YouTube!!! YouTube has been without doubt one of my saviours along my journey.

This video has helped tremendously and spoke directly to me; my enemy has always been my mind.

I’m massively proud of the person I am becoming, but I am humble enough to admit when I need help. So today my journey started again, yes, this week will be written off as another learning curve but I know I WILL succeed, because if I can over come what I’ve been through coming through the other side a stronger person, I can achieve anything.

Hope you’re having a fab weekend.

Tracee x