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New Year…New Challenge…Wk 11


Wow, by the end of this week we will have seen over 1/5th of 2017!  That’s scary.  This time seems to be going too quickly.  If you are like me, I am sure that there are days when you don’t know where time has gone.  We wake up, start our day and before we know it we’re off to bed again.  The day was a blur and before we know it that day has turned into two, then in another blink of an eye another week has passed by. So this week I want you to concetrate on slowing things down a little.  Take your time, relax and enjoy – that’s the name of the game here.

Before you think that you don’t have time to relax (I know we all have busy lives), but the challenge here is simple – Take 5 mins to relax.  Take the time to do something that you really enjoy doing.  If it takes longer than 5 min not to worry, but as a minimum, take that 5 min to relax and enjoy what you are doing.  It could be something as simple as having a cuppa, taking a relaxing bath or, enjoying the meal that you have cooked yourself.  If you are stuck with what to do, here are some examples of things that you could do in those 5 minutes.


Have a fit and healthy week and don’t forget to relax and enjoy some of it.

Rob 🙂


New Year…New Challenge…Wk 2…


Welcome back!  It’s been a week already?  Where did that go?

So how did you get on last week?  Did you manage to find yourself 30 min of ‘me time’ where you went out and exercised?  I hope so.  If you didn’t, not to worry.  This week we are going to do exactly the same.  Find yourself 30 min of ‘me time’.  Go out and exercise in some way.  Go out and walk, run, jog, bike.  It doesn’t matter what you do, but take 30 min of your day specifically for YOU.

Additionally, I want you to start a Gratitude Jar today.  The concept is simple.  Think about last week and write down something that you are really grateful for.  Write it down on a piece of paper, fold that paper up and put it into your Gratitude Jar.  You will do this every week for the remainder of the year and in a Years time open it and you will be able to see all the things that you did in 2017 that you were grateful for.

Have a fit and healthy week.

Rob 🙂

Resolution Revolution…….


It’s around this time of year when we start to think about our New Year resolutions.  Something that we have wanted to do for a while, but have to wait until the 1 Jan to start!  Unfortunately statistics show that we will stick with it until 15 Jan and then give up.  Why?  There are a number of reasons, such as an unrealistic resolution, no plan of action, wrong perspective, not believing in yourself.  In my opinion the reason people don’t stick to their resolutions is because the resolution will be seen as negative.

How many times have we resolved to give up this, or give up that?  Your mind will percieve this as negative.  If I have to give something up, I have to have something taken away!  Well, yeah!  But may if it was looked at this resolution in a positive way we may actually stick to our resolution – at least for a little longer than 15 days!

Lets take a look at a simple typical resolution – ‘I want to stop eating bad food’.  Straight away our mind will look at this from a negative pespective.  I have to stop, therefore I am taking something away.  I am going to take away food.  But I need food in order to survive. Therefore, I can’t keep this up as I need this food.  A more postive approach could be ‘ I want to eat a healthier, more nutritious diet’.  This approach does not tell us that we have to stop something, more, we are starting something good.  Our mind is a powerful tool, but, influence it with the correct terminology and we can control our mindful responses.

So, before you tell yourself you are going to quit everything this New Year, tell yourself what you are going to start.  Tell yourself the postives of what you want to do.  Rembember though –  you don’t have to wait until 1 Jan to start your road to a better you!

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂


Planning a Little Deeper……..

‘Activity without purpose is the drain of your life’

When we want to achieve something we set ourselves targets, or what are more commonly know as goals.  I am sure like me, many of you will use the SMART(ER) principle or something similar.  However, after listening to a video by Tony Robbins I found myself questioning if I do all I can in order to achieve my goal/s?  In short, no.  Why not?  Because I have not put enough value on trying to achieve the goal/s.  I didn’t fully commit to ensuring that the goal/s would be reached and more importantly, I did not formulate a plan on how to achieve the goal/s.  In the video I watched Tony Robbins talks about the 5 Cs, a process to use in order to achieve an outcome.  One element of this was ‘Creating a RPM plan’.  Whilst all of the other elements of the 5 Cs are as equally important (especially No 5 – Celebrate.  I am sure that we do not celebrate every time we reach a goal; right?) I will soley concentrate on ‘Creating a RPM plan’

So what is a RPM Plan?  In a nutshell it sets out the following:

  • Results – This our goal; our focus.
  • Purpose – This is what drives us; why we want to do it.
  • Massive Action Plan – This is what we are going to do; a MAP.

RPM is a thinking/focusing process that allows you to concetrate on what you really want.  The deeper that you think about what you want (goal) the better the result.  In order to achieve this RPM Plan, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do I really want?  This is where we figure out the outcome.  What do we want to achieve?  By all means use the SMART principle at this point, but make sure that the goal you set is what you really want to achieve.
  2. Why do I want to do this?  What is exiting about what I want in order that I want to achieve it? Note: this is what you want, not what you would like to do.  A want is much stronger and therefore will drive you harder and get you more focused.
  3. What do I  need to do in order to achieve this?  This is where the execution process derives from.  Where you MAP how you are going to achieve your results (goal).  This is where you figure out what you must do in order to reach your outcome (goal).

So what am I trying to say?

Whilst goal setting is a great way of setting targets, if you really want to achieve your outcome, try and focus a little deeper.  Ask yourself the 3 questions above.  When you ask yourself these questions it will allow you to really think and focus on your goal and more importantly how and what you are going to do in order to achieve it.


If you want to look into the 5 Cs further, here is the video that I watched by Tony Robbins.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂