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Tracee…..This is me……


After a year of helping out behind the scenes with this blog I felt I wanted to contribute on a more personal level.  So here I am.  I know that I have posted a few times, but after reading so many other peoples journeys I have decided that I would articulate mine too.

I have taken a great deal of inspiration from individuals who’s blogs I have read and hope that I may be able to inspire individuals by sharing my stories.

If you had told me even 12 months ago that I would now be following a plant based diet, training for a triathlon and writing on a blog I would have laughed, but I’m doing all 3!  Writing on a blog scares me.  Training for a triathlon scares me (even more than writing on a blog).  The only thing that I am truly comfortable with is following a plant based diet.  Being an artist by trade where painting and drawing comes easily, writing  and training doesn’t.  Where I could paint a thousand words, putting it down on paper (albeit electronic paper) scares the pants off me.  I have drawn pictures of athletes, but being one, again, frightens me.

So what am about?  I am an indivduals who over the last 2 years has been on a journey of self discovery in order to live the happiest life I can.  The road has been tough and long (it’s an ongoing process), but I am beginning to realise that it’s definitely worth it.  I have discovered some amazing individuals along my journey (too many to mention in one go, but I will expand on these in further posts) and I have learned that in order to get the most out of life, you have to live it – all of it.

2017 for me is about making the most of things and I know that I will be testing myself both physically and mentally.  I am strong, but I want to get stronger.  I am an avid learner and spend a lot of my time listening and reading (just ask my husband about this one).  I am a perfectionist which is why when I do something I have to give 100%.  99% is never good enought for me – its either all or nothing and I am now all in.

I have some major goals for 2017.  Of these, I would class the following as way up their:

  • Weight Loss – I am going to lose 20kg to get me to my race weight.
  • Triathlon Training – Following from the weight loss, I am going to race my first triathlon this year.
  • Plant Based – Continue to research the world of plant based living (even more than I have done).
  • Blogging – I want to learn to write both competently and confidently and erase this fear I have over putting my words out there.

So that’s me in a nutshell.  I know I have a lot to share and I hope that it will make for interesting reading.  I am looking forward to these challenges and I know that I will achieve my goals for 2017.  If you have taken the time to read this, thank you and I hope that you pop along again sometime.


Tracee 🙂

Two Birds……..One Post…….


As the title suggests, this post covers two areas.  Firstly, it is exactly a year ago today that we started blogging.  Secondly, it is the 200th post that we have put on our blog.

How quickly this year has gone?  It has been a real eye opener for us and we have loved doing this blog.  We would like to thank everyone who has stopped by and viewed our posts.  We have learned so much, yet we still have much to learn.  2017 is going to be another fantastic year for Head4Fitness.  We both have big personal goals to achieve within the world of triathlon and we have big goals for the blog too.  Keep your eyes out for our new vlogs in 2017.  If you had said a year ago that we would have come this far, I doubt we would have believed you – but we have.  The learning curve has been immense and it will continue to be.

Whatever your dreams are for 2017, we wish you all the success in the world.  Make sure you aim big and achieve big.  Believe in yourself and you will achieve the unthinkable.

Have a fit and healthy 2017

Rob and Tracee 🙂

Time ‘Flyers’


I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone?  Talk about blink and you miss it!  We have been very busy promoting the Boot Camp and doing plenty of flyer drops.  Getting excited about our new venture and can’t wait until we start.  It seems such a long time ago when we decided to actually go for it and set up this Boot Camp and here we are only 10 days to go – definitely exciting times ahead.

Also, I have decided that as I enjoyed posting the 30 Day Challenge so much I will be posting weekly training programmes that you will be able to download, print off and keep with you to use whenever you have that spare 30 min of ‘me time’.  As with the 30 Day Challenge, these training programmes will be all based around body weight exercises and there will be no need for additional equipment (except your training kit).

We have also set up our Boot Camp Facebook page.  Please feel free to come along and like/share the page.  Grateful for any feedback on the page too.

Well, keep fit, stay strong and as you know, you can achieve the unthinkable 🙂


50 Thank You’s


WOW……….We have been blogging for less than 3 months and have received our 50th follow today.  We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in our journey so far, whether that be a like, a follow, a view, a comment, a re-blog.  So, it is only fitting that we say 50 thank you’s:

dankie; faleminderit; shukran; chnorakaloutioun; hvala; blagodaria; gràcies; M̀h’gōi; hvala; děkuji; tak; ank u; tänan; kiitos; merci; danke; ευχαριστώ; mahalo; todah; shukriya; köszönöm; takk; terima kasih; grazie;  arigatô; gamsahamnida; paldies; choukrane; ačiū; blagodaram; terima kasih; grazzi; Xièxiè; bayarlalaa; takk; dziękuję;obrigado; obrigada; mulţumesc; спасибо; xвала;Ďakujem ;hvala ;gracias ;tack ; nandri; kop khun; teşekkür ederim; Дякую; diolch; a dank; ngiyabonga

A HUGE thank you to everyone, whoever and wherever you are.

Rob and Tracee 😀

Liebster Blog Award


A huge thank you to the lovely Laura from A traveler’s Kitchen, for nominating us (Head4Fitness) for the Liebster Blog Award.  In the true spirit of the Liebster Blog Award, we would like to nominate the following deserving blogs.  In no particular order, please put your hands together for:

Robinson’s Strength and Endurance Coaching

Alex Curtis – Health & Fitness Specialist


Inside Out Health

Train. Inspire. Change.

How it Works

  1. You are nominated by another blogger, who has also been nominated.
  2. The nominator comes up with 11 questions, which the nominee is expected to answer.
  3. You must then come up with 11 questions of your own and pose them to your nominees. If the nominees choose to accept, they answer your questions, select blogs they would like to nominate, and then give them 11 questions

Here are the 11 questions Laura asked me:

What is your favourite place to travel?

Germany.  Their Frühstück buffets are to die for!  In our opinion, their way of life is perfect; working to live, not living to work.

What are your 3 favourite hobbies?

  • Nordic Walking – Its not just for the older fraternity!
  • Upcycling – Using Annie Sloane paints to turn furniture into something amazing.
  • Cooking – Learning how to turn simple ingredients into tasty, delicious eats.

Why did you decide to start blogging?

We wanted to journal our road to a healthier lifestyle and hopefully influence others to do the same.

What are your biggest goals for 2016?

To accomplish our reasons for blogging.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

  • T – I would like to be a psychologist.
  • R – I would like to be a Director of Sport.

What is something you are afraid of?

  • T – Dogs.  Ironic because we have a Springer Spaniel.
  • R – Not achieving my goals.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Germany.  See question 1.

What is the biggest risk you have ever taken?

Getting in an aeroplane.  Not a great fan of flying!

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Being proud of what we have achieved and sharing it with others.

What motivates you the most?

Our children.  Educating them to become healthy adults so they can pass it on to their children.

What is your favourite recipe?

Jamie Oliver’s Sweet Leek and Turkey Pie – A post Christmas favourite in our household.

Here are our questions for the bloggers we have nominated:

  1. If you could be anybody for one day, who would it be?
  2. What 5 things would you take with you to a desert island?
  3. Why are you blogging?
  4. What is your favourite song?
  5. If there was a movie to be made about you, which actor would play you?
  6. What is the best piece of blogging advice that you have learnt?
  7. Where in the World are you?
  8. What is your favourite holiday destination?
  9. Cat or dog?
  10. If you won the lottery, what would your first purchase be?
  11. Who is your idol?