30 Day Challenge #3 – Day Twenty Eight…

30 Day ChallengeWelcome back.  With only 3 days left of this challenge we are going to push a little more again today.  Today is power walk combined with running/jogging.  This is really the pincale of the training here and I really want you to push yourself.  When you have completed your running/jogging, rather than go to a walk, you will be going to a power walk.  You have come a long way within this challenge and I know that this is well within your limits.  You can do it……..

Day Twenty Eight – 30 min power walk with running/jogging.  Start of with a power walk and when you feel ready go into your run/jog.  When you have had your fill of run/jog then revert back to power walking.  This is your recovery time but try and keep your heart rate up a little more than you would when you went from run/jog to walking.  Remember to stay present and ensure that you maintain your form throughout.

Have a fit and healthy day.

Rob 🙂

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