30 Day Challenge #3 – Day Twenty Three…

30 Day ChallengeWelcome back.  I hope you had fun yesterday.  Did you manage to get your furthest power walk in?  I hope so.  Today we are going to go back to walk/power walk/run/jog.  We are trying to incorporate more running/jogging as we go without setting a strict time limit.  That time limit goes both ways.  No minimum, but also no maximum.  However, we are still trying to ensure that this is a habit, its not all about how much fitness we gain – that will be a natural byproduct of this challenge.

Day Twenty Three – 30 min walk/power walk/run/jog.  As before start it off nice and easy and slowly build up.  Whenever you run/jog, make sure that when you finish that phase you go back to a walk.  If you feel up to it try and go from a run/jog straight into a power walk.  This will keep your heart rate slightly more elevated.  If you still are not ready to run/jog, then make sure that you do plenty of power walking.

Have a fit and healthy day.

Rob 🙂


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