30 Day Challenge #3 – Day Twelve…

30 Day ChallengeSo how did you get on yesterday?  Hopefully you managed to get some good power walking in mixed with your walk?  I would ask one thing which I may have failed to mention before.  If I prescribe a walk/power walk combo, I want you to make sure that you do cross between the two.  It is not soley walking or power walking, but there is a definite change between the two during the 30 min of exercise.

Day Twelve – 30 min power walk.  Back to full power walk today.  As always, remember your posture.  Nice and tall, shoulders back etc.  Today, I really want you to focus on power walking for the full 30 min.  Yes, you may want to warm up a little, but do that outside of the 30 min.  I want 30 min of power walking.  Also, I want you to keep a mental (or written) note of how far you walked.  If your walk brings you home, make sure that if you reach home before the 30 min, keep going until your time is up – don’t sell yourself short.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

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