30 Day Challenge #3 – Day Nine…

30 Day ChallengeHello again!  Day nine is here and I hope you are feeling good?  As I keep saying, this 30 Day Challenge is about forming a habit.  It’s about getting you to give yourself 30 min of ‘me time’ every day in which you improve yourself and your health through the medium of exercise.

When people talk about exercise, normally the first thing that comes into their head is getting all hot and sweaty.  Having that ‘If I go any further, I’m going to collapse’ look about them.  But in all honesty, it’s not about how hot and sweaty you can get.  Exercise in it’s simplest form is about being active – hence the reason that this 30 Day Challenge is about getting active.  If you get a little hot and sweaty, that’s not a bad thing but it’s not the overarching goal.  So, now that you are on the exercise journey, keep with it and rest assure that your body is loving you for it – trust me!

Day Nine – 30 min walk.  Back to a nice walk today.  Like previous walks, I really want you to concentrate on being in the present.  Take not of your surroundings.  Enjoy the moment.  Remember to keep your posture strong.  Head up, shoulders back (but relaxed), back straight and don’t forget to smile.

Have a fit and healthy day


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