30 Day Challenge #3 – Day Four…

30 Day Challenge

Welcome back to the 30 Day Challenge.  I hope that you are enjoying not only the challenge itself, but also the fact that you are getting out and doing some exercise.

An important aspect of undertaking any challenge is to ensure that you stay motivated.  If you stay motivated you are more likely to stick with the plan (or in this case, challenge) and see it through to the end.  So, today, I want you to really think about what is motivating you to undertake this 30 Day Challenge.  What is it that you want to achieve at the end of it?  My aim is for you to form a new habit, but your motivation may be different.  Understand your motivation and how to keep your motivation alive.  My congratulations on going this far.  Keep going and you will reap the benefits.

Day Four – 30 min power walk.  As yesterday, today is about walking with vigour.  Keep the pace of your walk higher than you would normally walk at.  Make sure that you keep your posture good and most importantly enjoy your time.  Remember this is ‘me time’.  Time where you dedicate 30 mins to you.  Have fun and I will see you tomorrow.

Have a fit and healthy day.

Rob 🙂

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