30 Day Challenge #3 – Day Two….

30 Day Challenge

Welcome back to the 30 Day Challenge and, yes, it wasn’t an April Fool!  We really are undertaking a 30 Day Challenge.

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s walk?  Did you take in your surroundings?  Did you try your hardest to relax and concentrate on your walk or did you have your head full of other things?  If your head was full of thoughts other than your walk, today I want you to really concentrate on your walk.  Everything else can wait.  This is going to be your 30 min, your ‘me time’ where you concetrate on the present and what you are doing rather on things that can wait, atleast for 30 min!

Another thing I would really like you to understand is why you are taking part in this 30 Day Challenge?  My aim is to try and get you to incorporate exercise as part of your healthy lifestyle.  So what is your aim?  Hopefully you will be doing this for one person and one person alone – YOU.  If you are doing it for you, you will get more from it rather than doing it for someone else (I hope you get the gist of this?).  So, when you have your ‘me time’ today, ensure that it is YOUR time that you are using for YOU.

Day Two – Another 30 min walk today.  Again, concentrate on your surroundings as you go on your walk.  Try and ensure that you stay in the present and try to concetrate on what you see around you; enjoy your time outside.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

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