Aiming to lose in order to gain…


At the moment I am busying my self training for the Outlaw triathlon.  Despite all the swimming, running and biking, one part of my daily life is to try and lose…..weight that is.

My goal for weight loss currently sits at 20lb.  Thats a calorie deficit of 70,000 calories.  Whilst this is not a huge amount by any stretch of the imagination (especially as I have 18 weeks in which to achieve it) it is a big target for me.  Why?  Because I want to get down to what I would class as my ‘race weight’.

So the question sits ‘why do I want to get down to a race weight?’  Simple.  I will conserve calories.  Although I will have to replace calories during racing, if I expend fewer by being leaner that means that I have to consume less.  My body will then be able to concentrate more on the exercise at hand and not trying to convert the fuel that I eat into useable energy.

When you exercise you burn calories (a no brainer) but the number of calories you burn will be correlated to the weight that you  and your weight will depend on the number of calories that you burn.  If you took a group of individuals and sent them on a steady 30 min run, each would burn a different amount of calories due to their different weight.  Those with more weight to carry will burn more calories.  Therefore, if I am lighter, I burn less calories for the effort that I put in.  If you want an overview of calories burned at different weights here is a good read by the Harvard Health Publications.

The main area of my weight loss is going to be through body fat loss.  With my target of 20lb weight loss this will sit me well with my body fat percentage without being detrimental to my performance.  Too low body fat can have a negative effect on performance, so, unfortunately we do need some body fat.

So, if you are aiming on improving your overall performance, look a little further than the end of the training session.  Performance will be improved through training, but dropping body fat can have great additional benefits.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂


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