New Year…New Challenge…Wk 11


Wow, by the end of this week we will have seen over 1/5th of 2017!  That’s scary.  This time seems to be going too quickly.  If you are like me, I am sure that there are days when you don’t know where time has gone.  We wake up, start our day and before we know it we’re off to bed again.  The day was a blur and before we know it that day has turned into two, then in another blink of an eye another week has passed by. So this week I want you to concetrate on slowing things down a little.  Take your time, relax and enjoy – that’s the name of the game here.

Before you think that you don’t have time to relax (I know we all have busy lives), but the challenge here is simple – Take 5 mins to relax.  Take the time to do something that you really enjoy doing.  If it takes longer than 5 min not to worry, but as a minimum, take that 5 min to relax and enjoy what you are doing.  It could be something as simple as having a cuppa, taking a relaxing bath or, enjoying the meal that you have cooked yourself.  If you are stuck with what to do, here are some examples of things that you could do in those 5 minutes.


Have a fit and healthy week and don’t forget to relax and enjoy some of it.

Rob 🙂


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