New Year…New Challenge..Wk 9


Welcome back and say hello to week 9.

The observant amongst you will be asking the question “what about week 8?”  Yes, I did miss out week 8, but that was deliberate and I will go into a little story as to why.

A good few years ago I had a group of individuals for 3 weeks on a training camp.  The aim of the camp was to get them to bring up their fitness up to a satisfactory level.  Each week the intensity and frequency of training sessions increased, but, from day one we went for a 4 mile final run of the day at 8pm.  As the first 2 weeks progressed everyone was ready and at 8pm we went out for a run.  Time was irrelevant as the onus was simple – the sooner you finished, the sooner the day’s training was over.  On the third week come 8pm I left them to their own devices.  On the first 2 days, I left it until 8:30pm and then went to find them in their rooms.  “Let’s go then” and off we would go.  Now, the onus of the final run was still the same – as soon as you were finished the training day was finished.  But for the first two days they waited until I prompted them to run before they ran.  After the Tuesday run I got them all together and asked why nobody had started their run at 8pm?  The answer was simple and unanimous – they were all waiting to be told to go.  I then explained to them that after these 3 weeks were up, I, nor any of my trainers would be there to tell them to go out for a run.  They would have to go out on their own accord.  The rest of the week everyone went out at 8pm with out being reminded.  A small breakthrough, but a breakthrough non the less.

So, my moral for this is that I hope that despite me not prompting you are keeping up with the challenge.  If you had a ‘rest week’ last week well not to worry.  I hope you understand the reasoning behind the lack of week 8 and I hope that you don’t see it as a cop out on my behalf.


Well, this week is a challenge of bigger proportion.  I want you to challenge yourself to this – No More Procrastination.  I am sure that there is something that you have always said that you want to do but only got round to talking about it?  I know I have.  So, over the next 4 weeks, I want you to stop talking about atleast one thing and get it done.  No matter what it is, stop talking; start doing.

Let me know how you are getting on.  I too am going to be taking on this challenge and you will be able to see how I get on by following the blog.

Have a fit and healthy week.

Rob 🙂

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