Up Early…….


I was listening to an audible book by Jim Rohn the other day and he was talking about people’s reactions relating to getting up early.  “You’re up early” or “Why do you get up so early” – something along those lines seems to be the norm.  His answer was great (in my opinion) – “Well, you’d be up this early too if you were going where I’m going”.  He does talk a bit more indepth but I hope you get the point?

Well, I was up early this morning.  Out and running by 05:15.  Out and running for 1hour 30min.  That means by 06:45 I’ve completed my long run before some people have even thought about getting out of bed.  Why?  Simple.  I’ve got somewhere to go and if you were going where I’m going, you’ve been up that early too!

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

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