New Year…New Challenge..Wk 7


Hello again and welcome back to New Year.. New Challenge.

Week 7?  Wow!  If like me you may be thinking “where has the time gone?”  A great trait of people – wondering what has happened to time.  Fact is it’s gone and it’s not coming back.  No matter what, we are never getting the time back.  One of the aims of this challenge albeit a little hidden is to make the most of the time you have.  So this week it is unhidden and I want you to look at your time management.  I want you to make every second count in a positive way.

You have 86400 seconds in a day.  At midnight that starts over again.  If you had a bank account with £86,400 in every day and you knew that at midnight that would re-fill again, what would you do with the money you had that day?  Answer – use it; all of it.  If you knew that you could use that £86,400 and it would be refreshed every day, you would use it to it’s best potential.  So use your 86400 seconds well.  Don’t waste any of it.  You can’t save the time up and hold onto it for another day.


So, this week I want you to ensure that you use all of the time you are given and make the most of it.  Keep up with the previous tasks highlighted in previous challenge posts, but really concentrate on using all the time you have in a positive way.

Have a fit and healthy week

Rob 🙂



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