Daily Training…….


As I continue my journey to Outlaw, here is a sample from last weeks training.  In the context of triathlon I thought I would share with you a swim, bike and run session from last weeks training programme.  Overall the training is going well, although the outdoor bike is not going as well as I had hoped due to the weather.  Not that I am afraid of getting cold/wet but I would rather stay injury/accident free as there has been a lot of black ice on the roads recently, so the bike commute has been put on hold.


Aim – Pacing with leg work.  My target for outlaw is 1:36/100m for the swim, so I am doing a lot of pacing work, trying to ensure that I stay within my times.  At the moment, I am hitting around 1:43/100m, but bearing in mind I have just over 5 months left, I am happy and not worrying about the difference at the moment.  Leg work thrown in because I have about as much kick power as a new born deer (sorry if I offend any deer by that comment).

Session as:

400m warm up – Nice and relaxed making sure that I stay as smooth as possible with long and full strokes

3 x 250m on 5 min – The aim of this is to try and hit the same time (approx 4:15-4:20) for 10 lengths.  This gives me 40-45 sec recovery so that I can maintain the pacing again for the next set.

3 x 25m kick/50m swim/25m kick – Working the bambi legs!  30 sec recovery between sets.  Legs feel this one, especially on the 3rd set.

Repeat both again.

200m cool down – Various strokes, but as with warm up, nice and long with the strokes at a very easy pace.


Thank goodness for a wattbike.  This may be a bit of a gloat and I am very lucky to be able to use a wattbike, but it’s a fantastic bit of kit.  As with all my biking at the moment, it’s all about keeping aerobic.  This was a 2 hour bike keeping at a cadence of 90rpm.  I manipulate the air resistance to keep me high aerobic as I want to be able to push to the aerobic limit without being over.  If my HR begins to stray then I decrease the air resistance accordingly.  To be honest I don’t monitor my Power output as much as I maybe should do, but one thing I do look at is my force distribution.  I currently sit around 52/48 with my left leg stronger than my right.  I am hoping that by sorting out my pedal technique a little I can get this to 50/50 pretty soon.  NB:  Tracee seems to be able to hit 50/50 every time she uses the bike, so I have some work to do in order to get my technique as good as hers.


Oh, the track!  This was an hour and a half track run and as with the bike, this was strictly aerobic.  My target for Outlaw is 5:00min/km for the marathon.  Now, I know that I would be able to run 5:00min/km now, but not staying aerobic.  I could do it within my theshold pace, but the fall out from this would be that my muscles may be too tired to train the time/distance I need the next day.  I also know that I probably will be more into threshold than staying aerobic when I race, but if I can train my body to maintain the pace and slowly improve, I think that I will be on target when I get to Nottingham (or as near as possible).  I currently sit around 5:45min/km at an aerobic pace, so again I am happy with this.  This has been a reduction of over 1min since my training started.

Overall a productive week that has kept me smiling when I think about how long I have left to train.  I am sure that these next 23 weeks will fly by, but I am hoping that if I keep this training and structure up I will be able to hit my targets.

Have a fit and healthy day.

Rob 🙂


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