Daily Training……


I now have just under 24 weeks to Outlaw.  I thought I would not drone on about my training upto now, but will be posting some of my training sessions that I am doing.  Hope you will find them interesting and maybe you can have a go at some of the sessions.

Today was swim and run.  I am still working around aerobic training and slowly builidng the distance up.  Today’s sessions were as follows:


  • Warm up – 4 x 100m building pace
  • Main Set – 1 x 800m; 2 x 400m; 4 x 200m on 16 min; 8 min; 4 min.
    • The 800m I concentrated on smooth strokes whilst the 400s and 200s were concentrating on bilateral breathing.
  • Cool Down – 1 x 200m very easy pace

I’m very happy with where my swim is at currently.  Distance will continue to grow over the next 6 weeks.


  • 1hr 20 min track run at aerobic pace.
    • I am still concentrating on my aerobic run pace.  I can’t see myself running any quicker than aerobic on the race, so I am still running with my HRM at sorting out my pacing.  The distance with my running is gradually increasing too and I will now not be running any less than this unless I complete a midweek brick.

Overall training is going well and I am happy with both my structure and fitness levels.  I have changed my training this year to 100% aerobic following my HRM and I will probably stick with this until race day unless something goes drastically wrong.  I have found that by keeping aerobic I am able to train more and my recovery is easier.  I don’t have sore muscles from pushing myself too much, but I am also finding that my base fitness is improving greatly.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

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