New Year…..New Challenge…Wk 4


By the end of this week we will have already spent 40320 min in 2017.  If you look at the first challenge for 2017 – spend 30 min each day exercising that will leave you with 39480 min to do everything else.

So this week I want you to use some of this other time to look at your goals for 2017 and see how you are getting on.  When you set a goal it’s not a case of set and forget.  There are times when you need to check in order to ensure you are progressing.  If you don’t remind yourself of your goals and more importantly why you have set them you can easily lose sight and lose momentum of what you want to achieve.  But, don’t just look at your goals and be happy with that.  Look at why you chose them.  Realise the importance of these goals and make sure you are connected with them.  If you have struggled, don’t worry.  Take the time to reassess what you have challenged yourself to complete this year and make sure that you are happy with how you are going to achieve them in 2017.


So, this week:

  • Keep up with the 30 min of exercise.
  • Write down what you have been grateful for this week and put it into your gratitude jar
  • Practise being mindful
  • NEW – Check on your 2017 goals.

Have a fit and heathy week.

Rob 🙂


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