Quicker by being slow……


I have posted a number of times about my current training.  All my training uses heart rate and at the moment  I am 100% aerobic based.  This means one thing – going slow.  The frustrations of going slow can play with your mind.  The moment someone goes past you on thier bike and all you want to do is scream ‘I can cycle faster than this you know’, or when you are ploughing up and down the pool and you know that you could drop the person next to you if you went up a level.

The comments I get from people make me laugh too.  Why does everyone have to tell me that I am going slow – I KNOW!!!  “Ooo, you seemed to be running slowly the other day when I saw you out.”  “That’s because I was.”  I even received a comment the other day about how slow I was swimming!……………..Thanks Wifey (and I thought I was the coach, haha!!!)

But wait a minute, I’m getting quicker by being slow!

It takes me over 15 min less time to cycle to work that when I started.  15 min over 40km – I’ll take that.  I’m running nearly 2km further in 1 hour with a lower Avg HR that when I started – I’ll take that.  Today I swam one mile 53 sec quicker than I did when I tested myself 6 weeks ago – I’ll take that.

So all in all, I am getting quicker by being slow.  My aerobic capacity is improving and subsequently my endurance is improving too.  This, along with my technique improvement is setting me up nicely for the summer.  I know that I will have to put some harder training sessions in over the next few months, but as it stands, I am happy with my progress and I am happy going slow.

So if you are training aerobically using a HRM and you feel that you are training at a slow pace, you probably are.  If you get comments from people about how slow you are, ignore them; they don’t know what type of training you’re doing.  If someone overtakes you, don’t worry.  Embrace your training and embrace your speed because you will get quicker, you will get better, you will reap the benefits of this solid base aerobic training – Keep it up.


Have a fit and healthy day.

Rob 🙂


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