Training Tracee……Again….


I have not posted for a while about training Tracee.  This is because Tracee has had a really tough challenging block to get through.  Well, we are now back on track!  Not in a literal sense (that comes later on in the training but don’t tell Tracee ;)).  However, this has been a hard hurdle to cross and has taken some time to get back on the road to training for Outlaw Half Holkham Hall.

Fear has been the hurdle here.  Tracee has been fearful of getting back into the swimming pool ever since the button was pressed to enter the race.  This has meant that there has been a big mental block and has at times put into question whether Tracee would participate or not.  If you asked me two weeks ago as to whether we would be going to Holkham, my honest answer would have been no.  The fear has had a massive knock on effect with all aspects of training as the mindset was ‘if I can’t swim, what’s the point on doing any of the other training?’.

From a coaching perspective, this really opened my eyes as to understanding your athlete and the reasons behind why they don’t want to train.  It is important to understand the underlying hurdles that hold people back.

Tracee is by no means a non-swimmer.  Having competed to a very high standard, Tracee has had a 30-year ‘sabatical’ from swimming – until now.  We have discussed at length what needs to be done, but, I do understand that no matter how confident you are in other people, they must gain the confidence in themselves in order to progress.  So, we took the plunge (excuse the pun) and went swimming and in all honesty, I could not have been any prouder both as a coach and a husband.  There was no negativity and once we got over the fear of fully submerging the face in the water there was no stopping Tracee.  The swimming has started and has a long way to go but the hurdle/barrier has been smashed.  The focus is back on and the training is back underway.

We have both been listening to a number of motivational speakers lately to really get the mindset positive.  One that really seemed to hit home for Tracee was a Rich Roll podcast when he interviewed David Goggins.  Definitely worth a listen.  Follow this link to access the podcast.  An inspirational individual indeed.


One thing that we have learned on this journey is that it is very easy to tell someone that they have to face their fears, but until the mind is changed, that fear will remain in charge.  A positive mind will allow you to face your fear head on.  Tracee faced her fear head on, told it to F off and now is back on the road to training for Outlaw Half Holkham Hall.


Have a fit and healthy week.

Rob 🙂

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