T (Triathlon) Minus 29………


Last week was a bit of a write off in all honesty.  What with festivities and ‘man flu’ training took a bit of a back seat.  This week will be all about regaining focus and momentum and getting back to making progress with my training.  The weather looks like it is going to be kind this week if a little cold so I will be aiming to get outside a lot more and make the most of the time to get out on my bike.

This weeks training targets are:

Bike – 10+ hours.  This will be split between 4 to 5 bike rides.  I am going to aim for 4 rides, but will push to 5 if required.

Run – 3 hours.  I want to get 3 good hour long runs in this week.  I may try and push one of them a little longer, but will be happy with 3 one hour runs.

Swim – 2 hours.  As I am not at work this week I am going to have the capacity for 2 club swims this week.

S+C – 2 hours.  This will be mainly olympic lifting, but I want to have one flexibility specific session incorporated within this.

I am aiming for 17 hours of training this week which for the time frame I have before my ‘big’ race I am happy with.

Have a fit and healthy week.

Rob 🙂

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