Boot Camp Workout…….


Twas the last boot camp before Christmas!

Here again with last night’s boot camp workout.  Again working Muscular Endurance with some cardio thrown in.  All exercises are body weight exercises, so there is no requirement for any additional training equipment except you.

Warm Up – Prepare yourself for training.  Make sure that you warm up all your major muscle groups and get yourself ready from the main session.

Main Session – This session was time based working 40 sec on; 20 sec recovery.  The session worked as follows

  • Exercise – 40 sec of exercise; 20 sec recovery.  Repeat one more time.
  • Run – Find an area that you can run for around 40 sec.  Make sure that you give yourself 20 sec recovery when you finish the run.  The pace of this can be what you desire, but make sure you are pushing yourself, but not flat out sprinting.  Again, repeat one more time.
  • Repeat the exercise and run phase two more times

Exercises used:

First Circuit

  • Press Ups – These were performed using a park bench.  You can manipulate however you want, but you need to be able to continue the exercise for the 40 sec.
  • Bicycle Abs – Again on a bench.  Keep your heels above the seat of the bench and cycle the legs.  Concentrate on the push/pull action.  Keep your back in a strong postural position.
  • Squats – Squat down until your backside just ‘taps’ the bench seat.  Stand up strong.

Second Circuit

  • Shoulder Press – Similar to a press up but you are focusing on high hips so that when you bend your arms you focus on the front part of your shoulders, not your chest.
  • Straight Leg Raise – Sit on the edge of the bench and raise your legs so your feet get as high as possible.  Keep your feet together and a very slight bend in the legs.
  • Lunges – Make sure that when you lunge, your knee does not touch the floor.  Focus on form but also maintain the control throughout.

Third Circuit

This was a combination of all of the six above exercises including a run.  It was worked as:

  • Exercise for 40 sec straight into the run.  Rest for 20 sec after the run.  Repeat for all six exercises.  Complete each exercise once only.

So that was the final boot camp session of 2016.  We will be back in full swing on 2 Jan 17.

Have a fit and healthy day.

Rob 🙂

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