T (Triathlon) Minus 31………


A good week of training last week with another week planned.  This week I am looking at increasing slightly, still working on the basics and will be concentrating on getting training done within the time that I have.  As we are approaching the Christmas period, I am looking at covering time when available, rather than specific training sessions.  This weeks totals I will be looking for are:

Bike – 10 hours

Run – 3 hours to include 2 brick runs

Swimming – 2 to 3 hours dependent on time available.

This will be a juggling week to try and get in the time during my available hours.  In reality, we all have other commitments that will influence our training, so, if you can look at ensuring that you get the training time done when you can it can be better than feeling frutstrated when you can’t put a workout in where you want.

Have a fit and healthy week.

Rob 🙂

5 thoughts on “T (Triathlon) Minus 31………”

      1. It is pretty spotty right now. My run training is going well. I signed up for a half marathon in January. I bike to work everyday 15 miles each way, but other than that, I haven’t trained for it. Swim training ramps up dramatically January 3rd. You have a great Christmas as well!!!

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