And It’s a No From Me…………


I have written a number of posts on heart rate training and RPE.  In one post I spoke about when your HR monitor does not work and crossing over to RPE.  Well, today my HRM did work, but my heart didn’t.  I had a 1 hour wattbike session planned spinning at 90 rpm and keep in my aerobic HR zone.  I have done this session a number of times so far and have never had a problem.  HR has always remained low; sitting well in the lower aerobic zone.  So it was disappointing today that my HR was higher to the point that I had to stop training.  But why did I stop training?  You don’t stop racing when your HR goes up?  Let me explain:

I train with HR for one main reason; optimising performance.  If I train within my HR training zones, I know that I can should be able to complete all of my planned training for the week.  Training with HR I can take into account recovery time; physiological training effects; psychological training effects; training specificity.

However, the last 24 hours have not been the best prep.  I had a really restless night and my nutrition today has been far from satisfactory (probably because of my fatigue).  Because HR is an extension of how your body is feeling, if your body is suffering, it will show up within your HR and this was fully showing on the bike today.  I still have 24 weeks until my first race, but I want to make sure that I stick to this HR training religiously.  If I can’t keep the HR, then I will stop the training.  If I do this again and have the same effect from the training then I know that it will be back to the drawing board.

Now I am sure there will be many of you thinking that I should have carried on, dropped my cadence and continued for the hour, but I disagree.  I am not a big advocator of what I call ‘junk’ training.  Training and carrying on despite not achieving the aim of the session.  This can have a knock on effect and where does that end?  I would rather stop early and give myself that extra recovery time (albeit 30 min).  I know that I will rest now and try again with my run tomorrow morning.

So, if you are HR training and your heart is saying no, then maybe you should listen to it.  The rest of your body may say yes, but listen to the Govenor.  After all, if your heart isn’t working effectively, then the rest of your body will sure follow suit.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂


4 thoughts on “And It’s a No From Me…………”

      1. I want you to know, I regretted my wording immediately after hitting the send button. I worried that you might take my comment as a critique when it was more intended as a broader “you” or me. And more to make you chuckle over the humorous notion that one could tell one’s heart who’s boss in the first place.


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