Sunday Prep…………


As well as sorting out the food for the week, I like to spend time on a Sunday sorting out my training goals for the week too.  At the moment, all my training is based around time and aerobic improvement (base training), nothing too specific.  So, after my last post, I thought it apt that I share my training goals for the following week:

  • Swim – 3 hours to include endurance and drills.
  • Bike – 12+ hours all low level aerobic.
  • Run – 3 hours to include 30 min brick.
  • Strength and Conditioning – 1 hour split into two 30 min sessions.

So these are my training goals and this is my RPM plan of how I will complete them.


  • Result – Complete 3 hours of swimming.
  • Purpose – I will be racing Outlaw Half and Outlaw next year.  My goal for both races, will be to swim 1:36/100m.  I am currently sitting around 1:50-1:55/100m, so endurance is a key aspect at the moment.
  • MAP
    • Tue – AM Swim – Although I prefer lunchtime swimming, I am on a Running Technique course on Tue, so lunchtime is out for training, therefore AM swim it is.
    • Wed – Lunchtime Swim.
    • Fri – Lunchtime Swim.

Completing these 3 training sessions will get my 3 hours of swim completed.  All aerobic endurance with catch specific drills on each (I like to try and concentrate on one aspect of the stroke each week).


  • Result – Complete 10+ hours of low level aerobic training.
  • Purpose – Again, racing Outlaw Half and Outlaw.  My target for the bike legs is 36km/h avg.  This is a big ask for me as the bike is by far the weakest part of my triathlon.  I do know that, if I continue with my trianing, I can achieve this level.
  • MAP
    • 3 commutes to work and back.  This will give me 10.5 hours of bike time.  At low level aerobic each commute (there and back) will take approx 3:30.
    • 1 Wattbike session of 1 hour working on pedalling technique followed directly by 30 min brick track run.
    • 1 further bike session on Sunday.  Weather dependant will dictate indoor wattbike or outdoor ride.

Completing all the bike sessions will provide the 12+ hours of biking that I need.  Again, all training intensity will be low level aerobic.


  • Results – Complete 3 hours of running to include a 30 min brick run.
  • Purpose – Yes, Outlaw races again.  My target for the run will be to hit 5min/km.  The run is the integral part, therefore, it is important to me to be able to hit this in my aerobic zone.
  • MAP
    • Mon – 1 hour 10 min track run at aerobic pace.
    • Tue – 30 min brick run after wattbike.
    • Sat – 1 hour track run.
    • Sun – 20 min brick run after bike session.

Completing all the run sessions will give me 3 hours of run training.  All aerobic, with 2 brick sessions.

Strength and Conditioning

  • Results – Complete 1 hour of S+C training
  • Purpose – In order to achieve my training I need to work on my S+C.  All work comes from a strong core, therefore it is important to ensure that I include S+C into my training.
  • MAP
    • 2 x 30 min S+C sessions working on Olympic Lifting.

Completion of two 30 min S+C sessions will allow me to have 1 hour of S+C within my training.

All in, this will be 19 hours of training for the week.  A good solid week of training that will have to be managed well in order to achieve it.  I will try and post some of my training sessions as I go through the week.

Have a fit and healthy week

Rob 🙂





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