Keeping it Aerobic…….


Over the next 3 months my goal for each training session is simple – stay aerobic.  Today’s training will consist of:

  • 1 hour track run
  • 2 hour bike

For my run training, my 3 month goal is to be able to run 12km on a track in 1 hour within my aerobic training zone.  Today I ran 9.35km with an average HR of 139.  Breaking this down, I need to reduce my 1km run time from 6min 24 to 5 min over 3 months.

Now, science will tell you that if I want to do this my training should be of a higher intensity than I currently am working at.  Higher level aerobic training will increase aerobic capacity quicker than low/moderate level training.  This I fully agree with, but I want (no need) to ensure that I don’t have a build up of lactic acid during my training that will have a negative effect on my next training session.  I am a triathlete, not soley a runner, or a cyclist, or a swimmer.

Previously, I have trained at a higher capacity than I am planning for this year.  I have gained fitness, but I have also suffered with soreness post training due to the build up of waste in my muscles due to working anaerobically.  I don’t want to do that this time.  I will admit that this way of training is a new concept of training to me that I am trying out.  Will it work?  I beleive it will.  If I can work on my consistency, ensuring that I train how I want to in every session, I will reap the benefits of this form of training.  If not, I can put this down to experience.

One other thing I need to remember, I am completing a Middle and Long Distance Triathlon next year, not a Sprint or Standard Distance.  I need to ensure that my muscles are going to work for extended periods of time and that I am  not going to drain my rescources half way through the race.

Science eh……its not a black and white as we think!



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