30 Day Challenge #2 – Day Twenty Nine


Welcome to Day Twenty Nine.  Today we are back to cardio.  This session is to see how far you have come over this challenge.  This is a run/walk session with the main emphasis on run.  Start off nice and gently, but once you are warmed up, try to run for as long as you can.  Remember to keep the tempo nice and low.  You are not running from a Zombie Apocolypse, so no sprinting off.  Try and keep the pace so you can run for a minimum of 5 min at a time.  If you need to have a break, then by all means drop to a brisk walk to have a recovery, but once you are recovered, back into running.  Use the last 5 min as a cool down, so ensure that you bring your body back down from an exercising state.

This is your 30 min.  Do what you can within the timeframe – I am sure that you will surprise yourself

Congratulation, you have completed Day Twenty Nine of the 30 Day Challenge.  That’s a total of 870 min of ‘me time’

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email at head4fitness@yahoo.co.uk.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

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