Best Training Kit……….Ever


As we all start preparing for a new Winter training phase, I wonder what would be classed as the Best Training Kit……..ever?

Something to keep you warm when you are out on your run or bike?  Maybe your new set of mudguards to keep your backside from getting wet?  Your new trainers that you will be proudly showing off when you pound the streets relentlessly during the next few months? Or even a new gadget that will predict every possible output going (including those that you have no idea about!).

Mine?  Simple.  My training log.

Tracee would disagree with me and say that it’s my Heart Rate Monitor (I have OCD when it comes to HR training!), but I will stick with my training log.

I may be stuck behind the times, but I find nothing easier than writing down my training in a diary.  I don’t use any of the electronic training tools that are available today and for good reason.  I find that people (not all I hasten to add) are too interested in whether they are beating other people rather than ensuring that their training is effective.

So what do I articulate in my training log?

  • Session Aim
  • HR Avg/Max – Good to guage my fitness levels and improvements.  Also, helps me understand where my body is at health wise.
  • Speed Avg/Max – I don’t get too hung up on these as there are so many variables that can effect this.
  • Calories burned – Just as an understanding so that I can ensure correct calorie intake, especially during my bike ride.
  • Brief account of the overall session.  How it went.  How I felt.  If I need to concentrate on anything on the next session.

So, with all this wonderful technology that is available to us these days, I find that there is nothing better than a good old diary to help you progress with your training.  It won’t break, is always available to look at and is a fantastic motivational and accountability tool.

If you could categories your best training kit ever, what would it be?

2 thoughts on “Best Training Kit……….Ever”

  1. My best training kit would be my bike. Up until cycling I trained because I had to, to keep from getting fat. With cycling, it’s all about fun. I’m bummed when I can’t ride due to weather or some other circumstance.


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