30 Day Challenge #2 – Day Twenty Seven


Welcome to Day Twenty Seven. Today is back to some cardio. We will be working a little longer on the efforts, but don’t panic, you have the ability to do this. Stay strong on the efforts and as previous sessions, try and pace it so you can work through the entire phase. It will be over before you know it.

Session as:

3 min Brisk Walk – Start off with a brisk walk. Walking faster than your normal daily walk pace.

4 min Jog/Run – Keep the tempo even throughout

2 min Brisk Walk – Reduce pace, but not too low.

5 min Jog/Run – As before, keep the tempo for the whole 5 min.

2 min Brisk Walk

6 min Jog/Run – Tempo!

1 min Brisk Walk

5 min Jog/Run

2 min Brisk Walk – Nice and relaxed to finish off.

 Well done, you have completed Day Twenty Seven of this 30 Day Challenge.  That’s 810 min of ‘me time’.

You can download the session here.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

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