30 Day Challenge #2 – Day Twenty Six


Welcome to Day Twenty Six. This week is a culminaton of everything that we have completed over the past 25 days. Back to exercise and cardio today. Today however, I want you to choose the exercises. I will give you the formula, but what you train is your decision. Like it was your decision to undertake this Challenge, the destiny of your exercises is in your hands. The training is simple and we have done it before. You will be working for 3 min blocks with 1 min recovery. When you train for the 3 min, PUSH!!! You are way beyond where you started. You have the ability to push and you now need to train your mind to allow you to do so. Enjoy this session.

Session as:

5 min Warm Up – Prep your body for the exercise and training coming up. Remember to start off gently, but ensure that you are fully warmed up by the end.

20 min Exercise/Cardio – Find an area that you can both exercise and run/jog. If you can mark your training area out; fantastic. Start at one end and complete 1 rep of the exercise of your choice. Jog/run to the other end and complete 2 reps of the same exercise. Then jog/run back and complete 3 reps and so on until you have reached 3 min. Then active recover for 1 min. Keep your body moving and your heart rate elevated.

Complete 5 circuits for this session. Try and mix up the exercises so that you are not training one body part too much.

5 min Cool Down – Bring your body back to a rested state. Make sure that you stretch off too.

Well done, you have completed Day Twenty Six of this 30 Day Challenge.  That’s 780 min of ‘me time’.

You can download the training session here.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment on the post or email at head4fitness@yahoo.co.uk.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

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