More Training Tracee…………..


It is now 3 weeks since Tracee has started her 10 month journey to Outlaw Half Holkham Hall Middle Distance Triathlon and I must say, I’m very impressed.  This is not just because Tracee is my Wife (but that does have some part to play), but because Tracee has become the model athlete to coach.

Before this training block started, whenever I set Tracee a training session you could always guage how the session went with the use of a profanity meter.  I suppose you could equate it to Percieved Excertion, based on the strength of the profanity.  A brief muttering being 1 to a full burst of expletives being 10.  This has all changed.  Tracee now listens, engages, asks questions and most importantly completes the training sessions set.

As with all good training plans, base level fitness is the key.  So at the moment, Tracee is keeping everything nice and slow; working aerobically only.  This is fine on the bike, but like many, Tracee has struggled with the run.  This struggle is down to the fact that Tracee has now been forced to run at a slower pace than before.  Because Tracee (and her legs) are not used to running at a slower pace, her lower limbs begin to ache after a while.  Now, whilst some may say stop, this is all part of the training effect.  There is no detrimental effect of running slowly, just that the body has to learn to adapt to the current speed.  As Tracee’s aerobic base improves, so the run speed will increase and the legs will be happy once more.  The other added benefit to running slowly is that the stressors associated with running are not as harsh.

Swimming is the final phase of the training puzzle, but this is a few weeks away yet so it is back to concentrating on buiding on the aerobic capacity.  Overall a great start, that bodes well for 2 Jul 17.

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