Day Twenty Two…….Schedule Fail!


Well, I must apologise for those who were waiting for Day 22 of the 30 Day Challenge yesterday.  I failed.  I tried to schedule the post, but managed to set the wrong date and as is obvious – it didn’t materialise as a post.  Sorry about that.  I am not the computer wizard I thought I was!

Anyway, for those who want to see it, here is Day 22

Welcome to Day Twenty Two of this Challenge. Today we are back to running from the off. Hopefully by now, you will be well on your way with your cardio, so try and push this session as much as you can. When the times increase, don’t sprint off, but try and remain constant for the entire time set.

Session as:

2 min Brisk Walk. Try and ensure that this is quicker than your normal daily pace. Increase your heart rate and get your body set for this session.

1 min Jog/Run. Bring the pace up again to jogging/running pace. Stay even over the time. Don’t run off too fast.

1 min Brisk Walk. Reduce the pace, but don’t go too slow. Try and keep your heart rate elevated.

2 min Jog/Run. As before. Don’t go off too fast.

1 min Brisk Walk. Remember to keep the heart rate elevated.

3 min Jog/Run. Keep it even. This is getting a little longer now.

1 min Brisk Walk. As above.

4 min Jog/Run This is the longest time that you will be jogging/running. Remember to keep it even. Make sure you moderate the pace so you can keep going for the 4 min.

2 min Brisk Walk A little longer to brisk walk, but don’t go too slow.

4 min Jog/Run. As with the last 4 min. Keep your pace even.

1 min Brisk Walk As before.

3 min Jog/Run Less time now. Keep the momentum. You may be a little tired, but push through.

1 min Brisk Walk As before.

2 min Jog/Run Last one, so make it count. Stay strong and finish these 2 min.

2 min Brisk Walk Finish off now. Slowly bring your heart rate down. Relax, you have finished.

Well done. You have now completed Day 22.  You have now given yourself 660 min of ‘me time’

As always, you can download the session here.

If you have any question relating to this or any other session, please feel free to comment or email at

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

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