30 Day Challenge #2 – Day Fourteen


Welcome to Day Fourteen and we are back to combining cardio and exercises. As before, I want you to find somewhere that you can run for around 20m. You will be exercising for 4 min with a 1 min active recovery. Try and push as hard as you can on the exercises, and aim for as many quality repetitions as you can. The 1 min recovery is your choice, run/jog/walk but make sure you keep your body moving.

Session as:

5 min Warm Up – As before, this is getting your body ready for exercise. Start off walking and do some basic drills such as arm circles, bicep curls, torso twists etc. Try and jog for the last minute or so to bring your heart rate up.

20 min: Circuit – Work the below exercises in the following format:

4 min – Exercise – Start off by completing 8 reps of the exercise. Then run/jog/brisk walk approx 20m. Complete another 8 reps of the exercise. Run/jog/brisk walk back to the start. Then start again; 8 reps, run/jog/brisk walk; 8 reps, run/jog/brisk walk. Continue for the 4 min. At 4 min, stop whatever you are doing and move to active recovery.

1 min – Active Recovery – Your choice. Run/jog/brisk walk for 1 min. Prepare yourself mentally for the next set of exercising.

Complete each of these exercises in order for the 4 min set.

High Plank Shoulder Tap – Start in the basic press up position. If you need to be on your knees, no problem. Make sure that you have a strong core and your hips are not too high. Keeping your body as still as you can, lift your right hand, touch your left shoulder. Then your left hand, touch your right shoulder. Repeat for rep count.

Russian Twist – Lie on your back with your legs bent, feet on the floor. Sit up until your core muscles are fully engaged. Twist to the left and right (both sides equal 1 rep). Continue twisting until all repetitions are completed.

Lunge – Stand with your feet in a neutral position. Step forward with one leg, bend the knees, so that your knee of the back leg almost touches the floor. Step back to start position. Repeat with other leg. Both legs equal one rep. Repeat for rep count.

Alternate Arm/Legs – On all fours, lift left arm and right leg until straight. Repeat with right arm, left leg. Both sides equal 1 rep. Repeat until all reps completed.

5 min: Cool down – Time to relax, put a smile on your face and bring your body back to a normal relaxed state. Concentrate on your breathing, trying to reduce your heart rate as much as possible. Stretch off the major muscle groups that you have used.

Well done, you have completed Day Fourteen of this 30 Day Challenge.  That’s 420 min of ‘me time’

You can download this programme here.

If you have any question regarding this session or any other in this 30 Day Challenge, please feel free to comment on this post, or email at head4fitness@yahoo.co.uk

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

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