Hating Your Trainer……..


I have trained Tracee on/off for a number of years now.  Now, in her quest for Triathlon domination it is definitely on.  One thing is for certain, when I train Tracee, we have a love/hate relationship.  I love training Tracee; Tracee hates me training her.  That said, as  Tracee is now understanding the training principles more, the hate seems a little less!

Whilst at Boot Camp last night I received a number of ‘looks’ that let me know that this love/hate relationship was in full swing.  Whilst talking to Tracee this morning about last night’s Boot Camp I was told the following:

“Don’t take it personally when I give you evil looks.  Right at that precise second, I really do hate you”

The so what in this……..Love your Trainer, even if you do have those hate moments; they are going to get the best out of you in the end.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

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