30 Day Challenge #2 – Day Ten


Welcome to Day Ten. Today is about run/walking; that is all. I want you to concentrate on your posture. Keep upright, shoulders back, head up. When you are jogging/running, try not to start too hard. I want you to be able to complete the run/jog for the time prescribed, so take it nice and steady and you will be able to up the pace towards the end of the time if you feel you can.

Session as::

3 min Brisk Walk – Walk with purpose. Bring your arms into play and make sure that your walking pace is faster than you would normally do.

1 min Jog/Run – A nice and gentle pace to get you started. Keep your posture correct and enjoy the run.

1 min Brisk Walk – Back to a brisk walk, but try not to slow yourself down. Again, ensure that you are walking with purpose.

Now do 7 sets of:

2 min Jog/Run – Remember to keep your pace nice and steady. If you have the capacity, bring the pace up towards the end.

1 min Brisk Walk – This is an active recovery from the jog/run. Make sure that you concentrate on recovering, but remember to keep the walk pace higher than your normal walking pace.

4 min Brisk Walk. This is your cool down. Start this with the same pace that you have used within your brisk walk. Gradually slow down your pace, so that by the last min, you are walking as you would every day.

Well done, you have completed Day Ten of this 30 Day Challenge.  You have now given yourself 300 min of ‘me time’.

As always, you can download this training session here.

If you have any questions/comments in regards to this training session or the 30 Day Challenge, please feel free to contact me by either commenting on this post or email me at head4fitness@yahoo.co.uk.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

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