Training Tracee……..


This week has been the first week of training for Tracee as she embarks on her epic journey towards Outlaw Half Holkham Hall.  For those of you who are new to training, or have re-embarked on your journey to fitness, I am sure that you will have a great deal of understanding of how Tracee has been feeling.  From my point of view, Tracee has been fantastic.  All of my training sessions (cycling only this week) have been completed without question and Tracee is begining to understand my reasoning for the training that I am currently prescribing.

For those of you who understand and even for those who don’t, the most important phase of any training cycle is Base Training, but this time I am doing things a little differently.  As Tracee is undertaking a triathon that is going to take a good few hours to complete, I am focusing completely around aerobic training.  I am a massive advocator of heart rate as a training tool and believe that it can make a better disciplined athlete, who should be less succeptable to injury through controlled training.  Tracee has an uncanny tendancy to push too hard, so giving the structure of heart rate training will hopefully reign the beast in somewhat.

Additionally, another major factor for working aerobic only is that I want to get Tracee’s body to utilise fat as an energy source rather than relying primarily on carbohydrates.  Now, before you start shouting at your computer screen, here me out on this one.  My main aim is to get Tracee’s body working at a low intensity so that it does not fully depend on carbohyrdate and realises that it has sufficient time to break down stored fats to use as energy.  If the body can be trained to work this way, taking that little bit longer to break down fat, rather than jumping straight to carbohydrates, it is hoped that the energy sources will last longer, therefore providing better endurance.  Additionally, as it takes a greater amount of oxgyen to convert stored fat into energy, continual training at an aerobic base, will (hopefully) over time, allow this adaptation to fat as the primary energy source to take place.

This week has been a big learning curve for Tracee, not just from a training perspective but also from a nutritional view.  Tracee will be able to elaborate on this in one of her posts.  From a coaches perspective, a great start to a long hard road.  One that will undoubtedly end in successful completion of the first middle distance triathlon for Tracee.  I will post Tracee’s training programmes at a later date for those who wish to see what she has undertaken.

Stay fit and healty

Rob 🙂


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