30 Day Challenge #2 – Day Three

Day 3

Welcome back and hello to Day Three.  Today is cardio day, incorporating a run/walk session into this challenge.  As with all training, you do what you can, but try and follow as much of this session as you can.  If you can’t run for the whole time that is designated, oh well.  At least you are out there training 🙂

So, here is today’s session:

5 min Warm Up – This is to prepare your body for training. Start of walking and over the 5 min increase to a jog. This is a warm up, so no sprinting off!

20 min: Cardio – I want you to try and follow the below session. Try and stick to it where possible, but feel free to adapt if you need to. Remember, the bottom line is this – training solidly for 20 min. Session is as follows:

3 min – Brisk Walk or Jog. Brisk walk is exactly that. A walk with vigor making sure that you use your arms too. If brisk walking is too easy, feel free to jog this phase.

1 min – Jog/Run. Jog/Run for 1 min. You don’t have to be going too fast, but try and go faster than your brisk walk/Jog.

2 min – Brisk Walk or Jog. Slow the pace from your Jog/Run to either Brisk Walk or Jog pace, whichever suits.

1 min – Jog/Run. Bringing that pace up again.

1 min Brisk Walk or Jog.   Slow the pace again. Concentrate on your breathing. Nice long deep breaths.

2 min – Jog/Run. Bring the pace up again. Still concentrate on long slow deep breaths. Make sure you get the oxygen into your body.

Repeat all of the above.

5 min: Cool down – Time to relax, put a smile on your face and bring your body back to a normal relaxed state. Concentrate on your breathing, trying to reduce your heart rate as much as possible. Stretch off the major muscle groups that you have used.

Well done,  that’s 90 min of ‘me time’ so far.  Congratulations, you are well on your way to achieving the unthinkable 🙂

As promised, you can download today’s training.  You can find it here.

If you have any questions regarding this challenge, please feel free to comment or contact me via head4fitness@yahoo.co.uk.

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