30 Day Challenge #2 – Day 2


Day 2 already?  Today, we will be incorporating some basic exercises into the routine.  Nothing too hard.  Exercises that you can regress if you need to, but more importantly, exercises that you can be sure will let you know that you have been training.

Session as:

5 min Warm Up – This is to prepare your body for training. Try and incorporate what you did from Day One

20 min: Muscular Endurance – I want you to complete the following 5 exercises in order. You need to complete each exercise for 40 sec with 20 sec recovery before starting the next exercise. You will complete this 4 times. If you need to rest at any point, then do so. Just try and keep exercising when you can and if possible, stick to the time frame for this part of the workout. Exercises are as follows:

Press Ups. Try and keep a tight core with only your arms bending (not your hips). If you need to do these on your knees, that is fine – Just try and keep exercising for the 40 sec.

Plank – Resting on your forearms and your toes, try and keep your body in as straight line as possible. Keep these hips nice and low, you don’t want to resemble a triangle!

Star Jumps – Keep nice and evenly paced with this. Once you get your pace going, try and keep it up for the full 40 sec

Squats – Place your feet around shoulder width apart. Bend at the knees, keeping your heels on the floor. Bend to around 90° and then push through your feet to straighten your legs. Keep the back nice and straight, don’t bend at the waist. Hands kept where you are comfortable.

Heel Taps – Lie on the floor with your legs bent, feet flat on the floor. Lift your shoulders slightly off the floor and bend sideways to touch your heel with your hand. Left heel with left hand, right heel with right hand.

5 min: Cool down – Time to relax, put a smile on your face and bring your body back to a normal relaxed state. Concentrate on your breathing, trying to reduce your heart rate as much as possible. Stretch off the major muscle groups that you have used.

Well done, you have now completed Day 2 and given yourself 60 min of ‘me time’.  If you have any questions or comments about any of these workouts then please feel free to contact me by either commenting on this post or email me at head4fitness@yahoo.co.uk

As promised, you can download this workout to print out.  Please find it here.

Thank you for taking the time to read/complete this training.  Remember, you are now well on the way to achieving the unthinkable 🙂

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