30 Day Challenge #2 – Day 1


Here we are – Day 1.  Day 30 will undoubtedly seem so far away, but we are not worried about that.  We are only concentrating on today – Day 1.

As I have mentioned before in other posts, this 30 Day Challenge is all about a chaning your lifestyle by giving yourself 30 min of exercise a day.  I like to call it ‘me time’.  It is where you concentrate on a healthier you.  Providing you, the opportunity to concentrate on yourself and give your body 30 min of exercise.

So, why 30 min you may ask?  Well, that’s simple.  It has been proven that individuals who only train for 30 min a day, compared to those who workout for 60 min.  Why?   Because those who train for 60 min, feel that they are justified to eat more post workout.  Training for 30 min does not give you that hunger feeling, therefore you are less likely to ‘treat’ yourself post exercise.

Before you think that this training will turn you into an athletic beast – it won’t.  It will however, instill an ethos of giving you 30 min a day in which you can improve your lifestyle by exercising.  It will all be time based, therefore, irrespective of your fitness ability, you WILL be able to complete this.

Each day I will put the training on the post, but also, put a link to a PDF document that you can print off and keep.  I hope that you enjoy this Challenge and please feel free to comment and let me know how you get on, or if you have any questions regards to any of the training or exercises within this Challenge.

So, lets get on with Day One:

Welcome to Day One of the 30 Day Challenge. This will start you off nice and gently. The aim of this session is to introduce you to the warm up and also get you active for a total of 30 min. So, lets get going

Session as:

5 min: Warm up – Prepare your body for the main part of the session. Start off with a walk and incorporate some of the following exercises:

Shoulder shrugs – Bicep curls – Shoulder press – Lateral arm raise – Torso twists – Heel flicks – Knee raises.
As time progresses, try and increase the pace of your walk, breaking into a gentle jog if you can. As you get into the warm up, try and add some of the following exercises to further prepare your body for exercise:

Arm circles – Torso twists – Leg kicks – Toe flicks – Heel kicks

20 min: Cardio – The aim of the main part is to keep yourself on the move for 20 min. This is not about how far you can go (although you can use this as a bench mark if you wish), but about keeping moving for 20 min. You have the choice to walk/power walk/jog/run for 20 min. Feel free to mix it up, but remember the goal is to keep moving for the 20 min.

5 min: Cool down – Time to relax, put a smile on your face and bring your body back to a normal relaxed state. Concentrate on your breathing, trying to reduce your heart rate as much as possible.

Well done, you have completed Day One of this 30 Day Challenge.  That’s 30 min of ‘me time’.  You are now on your way to achieving the unthinkable 🙂

I hope you enjoy today’s training.  You can download the PDF at this Link

See you tomorrow 🙂

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