10 Month Personal Challenge – Day One


So, here I am, Day One of a whole new lifestyle.  This day has been a long time coming but I knew I’d get here.  I have had this day marked on the caledar and have been mentally preparing for it; would go as far as to say looking forward to it.

When we started our blog, like all new bloggers we had high hopes; aiming to write every day and share our healthy recipes.  We did for a while, but like the stats say, it died off after around 3 months.  We were still living our healthy lifestyle, but we did let it slip in other areas (well, I let it slip on my side).  I was still eating as healthily as possible, but other areas of my life were not so great.  I had been tring to get back into training after stopping last October, but just couldn’t muster up the motivation.

Having suffered a huge trauma in 2014, I realised that I still had a lot of personal development to do.  So with the help of my lovely therapist, and some amazing YouTubers (Richard Grannon in particular) and some life changing books (Echart Tolle’s The Power of Now and A New Earth) I have spent the summer months sorting out my mental wellbeing. I now feel ready to tackle my physical wellbeing.

Having worked so hard on myself, I decided I was ready to sign up to the biggest physical challenge of my life.  I watched my husband race the Outlaw Half Holkham Hall (a middle distance triathlon) this year and decided there and then that I would be doing the race next year.  When entries opened for the 2017 race I signed up.  The next 10 months will be spent preparing myself physically, mentally and nutritionally for this race – my first triathlon.

I discovered through my research on nutrition and training a truly inspiring individual; Rich Roll.  His book Finding Ultra is definitely a must read (or as I do, a must listen on audible).  From this, both my husband and I have been inspired to try the plantpowered way of life.  We are aiming to phase out all animal foods and fuel our bodies via plant based items.  Hell if he can complete in ultra triathlons living this way, I’m sure it will get me through Outlaw Half.

I will be sharing my journey on here.  I know it will be hard work, but I’m ready.

Tracee 🙂

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