30 Day Challenge #2 – Day Thirty


Welcome to Day Thirty.  The final day in this 30 Day Challenge; your journey to a healthier you.

Today’s session is simple – a nice 30 min walk.  Today is your reflection day.  The day that you look back at where you have come from in this 30 day journey.  How much you have achieved and the time to look forward to your new healthier lifestyle.

You have now given yourself 900 min of ‘me time’.  That’s 15 hours of your time that you have devoted to yourself in order to be healthier.  WELL DONE YOU.

But………it doesn’t stop here.  You have the tools to continue this journey way beyond 30 days.  It’s up to you now to ensure that you continue on this journey.  It takes 21 days to start a habit, but considerably less to lose the habit that you have formed.  Don’t waste what you have achieved – you’ll regret it.

I hope this 30 Day Challenge has been of help to you.  It was a very generic training plan, but hopefully you have been able to use it to your benefit.

If you are interested in continuing and are looking for other training plans, then please feel free to contact me and let me help you achieve the unthinkable.  You can comment on this post or email me at head4fitness@yahoo.co.uk

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

30 Day Challenge #2 – Day Twenty Nine


Welcome to Day Twenty Nine.  Today we are back to cardio.  This session is to see how far you have come over this challenge.  This is a run/walk session with the main emphasis on run.  Start off nice and gently, but once you are warmed up, try to run for as long as you can.  Remember to keep the tempo nice and low.  You are not running from a Zombie Apocolypse, so no sprinting off.  Try and keep the pace so you can run for a minimum of 5 min at a time.  If you need to have a break, then by all means drop to a brisk walk to have a recovery, but once you are recovered, back into running.  Use the last 5 min as a cool down, so ensure that you bring your body back down from an exercising state.

This is your 30 min.  Do what you can within the timeframe – I am sure that you will surprise yourself

Congratulation, you have completed Day Twenty Nine of the 30 Day Challenge.  That’s a total of 870 min of ‘me time’

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email at head4fitness@yahoo.co.uk.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

Best Training Kit……….Ever


As we all start preparing for a new Winter training phase, I wonder what would be classed as the Best Training Kit……..ever?

Something to keep you warm when you are out on your run or bike?  Maybe your new set of mudguards to keep your backside from getting wet?  Your new trainers that you will be proudly showing off when you pound the streets relentlessly during the next few months? Or even a new gadget that will predict every possible output going (including those that you have no idea about!).

Mine?  Simple.  My training log.

Tracee would disagree with me and say that it’s my Heart Rate Monitor (I have OCD when it comes to HR training!), but I will stick with my training log.

I may be stuck behind the times, but I find nothing easier than writing down my training in a diary.  I don’t use any of the electronic training tools that are available today and for good reason.  I find that people (not all I hasten to add) are too interested in whether they are beating other people rather than ensuring that their training is effective.

So what do I articulate in my training log?

  • Session Aim
  • HR Avg/Max – Good to guage my fitness levels and improvements.  Also, helps me understand where my body is at health wise.
  • Speed Avg/Max – I don’t get too hung up on these as there are so many variables that can effect this.
  • Calories burned – Just as an understanding so that I can ensure correct calorie intake, especially during my bike ride.
  • Brief account of the overall session.  How it went.  How I felt.  If I need to concentrate on anything on the next session.

So, with all this wonderful technology that is available to us these days, I find that there is nothing better than a good old diary to help you progress with your training.  It won’t break, is always available to look at and is a fantastic motivational and accountability tool.

If you could categories your best training kit ever, what would it be?

30 Day Challenge #2 – Day Twenty Eight


Welcome to Day Twenty Eight. Today we are back to exercises. You are going to be working for 3 min blocks with 1 min recovery. During the 3 min block, you will be working a ladder system where you increase the number of exercise repetitions by 1 every time. Push hard during the 3 min but remember your exercise form.

Session as:

5 min Warm Up – Prepare your body for exercising. Start of nice and relaxed bringing the pace up towards the end. Make sure you incorporate some body movement such as arm circles, torso twists, leg kicks etc. Try and think back to what you have done before.

20 min Circuit – Set up an area approx 10m in length. Start at one end and complete 5 reps of the exercise. Jog/Run to the other end, then complete 6 reps. Continue running to each end and adding an additional 1 rep until you have completed 3 min. You then have 1 min active recovery. Relax (not too much) and prepare for the next phase. Complete each of the below exercises.


Squats – Legs around shoulder width apart. Bend the legs to around 90 bend. Straighten the legs, pushing through the heels. Keep the back nice and straight. Head up.

Half Sits – Lying on the floor, legs bent, feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on your thighs. Sit up, sliding your hand along your thigh until your palms are over your knees. Return to start position.

Press Ups – In the basic press up position, bend the arms to bring your chest to the ground. Push with your chest to raise the body back up. Try and keep a straight body and engage the core. If you drop to your knees, try and still keep this straight body.

Lunges – From standing step forward with one leg. Bend the knee and lunge forward. Keep your head up and keep your body stable. Return to start and step forward with the other leg. Both legs = one rep.

Superman – Lying on the floor, face down with your arms stretched out in front of you. Raise the arms and legs at the same time, concentrate on contracting your core and lower back muscles.

5 min Cool Down – Return your body to a pre-exercise state. Ensure that you stretch off all the major muscle groups that you have worked today.

 Well done, you have completed Day Twenty Eight of this 30 Day Challenge.  That’s a total so far of 840 min of ‘me time’

Feel free to download the training session here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this post, or alternatively email me at head4fitness@yahoo.co.uk

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

30 Day Challenge #2 – Day Twenty Seven


Welcome to Day Twenty Seven. Today is back to some cardio. We will be working a little longer on the efforts, but don’t panic, you have the ability to do this. Stay strong on the efforts and as previous sessions, try and pace it so you can work through the entire phase. It will be over before you know it.

Session as:

3 min Brisk Walk – Start off with a brisk walk. Walking faster than your normal daily walk pace.

4 min Jog/Run – Keep the tempo even throughout

2 min Brisk Walk – Reduce pace, but not too low.

5 min Jog/Run – As before, keep the tempo for the whole 5 min.

2 min Brisk Walk

6 min Jog/Run – Tempo!

1 min Brisk Walk

5 min Jog/Run

2 min Brisk Walk – Nice and relaxed to finish off.

 Well done, you have completed Day Twenty Seven of this 30 Day Challenge.  That’s 810 min of ‘me time’.

You can download the session here.

Have a fit and healthy day

Rob 🙂

Energy Bars Revisited…………


We put these bars on a few days ago and I must be honest, I personally think that they are so good, they deserve a second mention.

I have eaten plenty of energy bars in my time and I can honestly say that I will never buy bars again; home made all the way for me.

I dare you to make some of these.  They taste fantastic and the best thing is you know exactly what you are putting into your system.  After all, they are home made.

For me, they consume as easy as a delicious cake.  They are extremely easy to digest (**Waiver Alert** – You may find that you have to rinse your mouth with water if you consume too much at one time), extremely moorish and seem to give an instant energy hit as well as a sustained energy dose.  This helps, especially if you are like me and find it hard to consume food on a bike ride.  They are so easy to digest, I may even try and see what it would be like eating one on the run – I’ll post at a later date when I try this one.  Another great thing about these bars – I have found out how good the foil/parchment paper combo is.

Go on, try them.  I know you want to 🙂

Coconut, Quinoa and Potato Curry…Recipe By Long Player Kitchen


Ok, I won’t bore you all again by telling you just how much we love curry in this house, but we do 😉 So imagine my delight when I came across the recipe for this beauty last night posted by Long Player Kitchen. Made it today and it’s absolutely incredible. It’s cold and raining here in the UK and this warmed right to the bones. It’s super healthy to and full of nutrients. I’d highly recommend giving this one a go. Click on following link for original recipe…

Coconut, Quinoa and Potato Curry