30 Day Challenge #2


Well, you have 24 hours until the second 30 Day Challenge starts.

So, what is the 30 Day Challenge?  In short, it’s about you, looking after yourself through the medium of physical training.  It’s not there to turn you into a superfit, honed and toned athlete, but there to provide one of the tools for a healthier you.

Over the next 30 Days, all I ask is that you give yourself 30 minutes of ‘me time’ that you use to undertake exercise.  Whist I won’t say that you will lose lots of weight, or be able to run a certain distance in a certain amount of time, I will guaruantee that, if you choose to follow the 30 Day Challenge, it will give you a great base in which to start improving your health.

But, don’t forget; a healthy lifestyle does not stop at physical training alone.  There are many elements to a healthy lifestyle, this will be just one of them.

So, get set, enjoy the 30 Day Challenge and let me help you start on your journey to achieve the unthinkable 🙂

30 Day Challenge

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