30 Day Challenge – Day 31!!!

Day 31

Aha, caught you!  So, you thought that you had finished your 30 Day Challenge and you could put your feet up and relax.  Well, off course you can.  You’ve completed the 30 Day Challenge, you deserve a day off.  However, remember why this 30 Day Challenge was born.  It’s all about a lifestyle change.  Giving up 30 min of your day for ‘me time’.  It’s not just about doing 30 days of exercise and then stopping.

Anyway, if you feel like having a little workout today how about this one.  Watch the video and every time you hear the word ‘Thunder’ or Thunderstruck’ you have to complete an exercise.  Now the exercise can be anything you like, but try and push yourself – I highly recommend doing a burpee :).  It’s just short of 5 min, and there are not too many exercises to do.  This is also an awesome way to get other family members involved.  So what are you waiting for.  Hit play and have some fun – oh, and don’t forget to turn it up LOUD!!!!!

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