30 Day Challenge – Day 30!


It’s here! Day 30!!!

I can’t believe that we are finally at Day 30! Who would have thought that it would come around so quickly? I hope you are proud of what you have achieved over the past 30 days, you should be. Remember, that this Challenge does not finish today. This is a lifestyle change and is meant to give you the tools to encourage a healthy active life, but not take up too much of your time. Today, I am going all the way back to Day One’s exercises, but putting them into a more intense session. I have no doubt that your physiological and psychological gains that you have accrued over these last 30 days will help you through. So let’s get this final challenge completed.

30 min Challenge – Day Thirty

5 min – Brisk Walk/Jog:                   This is your warm up. Try and push so that you are raising your heart rate, but also warming up your major muscle groups. Add in some arm swings, torso twists and upper body movement. Try and jog for the last 2 min.

1 min – Press Ups:                  With hands shoulder width apart pivot from your feet (or knees), with a tight core. Bend your elbows until your arms bend 90°, or until your chest reaches the floor, then push back up.

1 min – Half Sits:                  Sit on the floor, knees bent, feet on the floor. Lie back; place your hands on your thigh, palm facing down. Sit up and slide your hands along your thigh until the heel of your hand touches your knee. Return to the start position. Repeat.

1 min Squats:                                    Stand with feet parallel, or slightly turned out – whatever is comfortable for you. Slowly start to crouch down by bending the hips and knees until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure that the heels do not rise off the floor and your back is straight. Press through the heels and return to the standing position. Place your hands where you feel are most comfortable.

1 min Superman:                                   Lie face down with arms and legs extended. Keeping the torso as still as possible, simultaneously raise the arms and legs to form a small curve in the body.

1 min – Brisk Walk/Jog:                  This is your recovery period. This is just to keep your body ticking over and preparing you for the next round of exercise.

15 min Repeats:                  Repeat programme three more times. As you go you will start to fatigue. This is where you push that body. This is where you begin to achieve the unthinkable.   You can do it.

5 min Brisk Walk/Jog:                  This is your cool down. Take it nice and easy and try and return your body to a relaxed rested state.

Congratulation, you have completed day thirty of the 30 Day Challenge. Many congratulations, that’s a total of 900 min of ‘me time’ that you have given yourself. Way to go you! You have achieved the unthinkable.

If you are completing this challenge, please feel free to let me know how you are getting on. If you have any questions, again please feel free to contact me, either by commenting, or email me at Head4Fitness@yahoo.co.uk


2 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Day 30!”

  1. Congratulations on reaching Day 30. 👏👍Your posts are such a wonderful ready reckoner for such neat and nifty exercise plans. The best lesson one will have to internalise is when you said: “Remember, that this Challenge does not finish today. This is a lifestyle change…”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. The whole emphasis is for a lifestyle change. If I have enabled one individual to change their lifestyle, then I have achieved my goal. Keep going on your journey and you will achieve the unthinkable. 🙂


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