A Must Watch……..

I watched this video today and I must say that it’s a truly motivational and inspirational watch.  This video definitely gives an understanding of ‘food for mood’; a 43 min must view in my opinion. It’s very beneficial for those who have issues with food and addictions.  I won’t go into too much detail and I will let you make up your own minds.  It puts so many things into perspective and makes you question the way we let things dictate our life and how we can be duped into believing the hype.

Richard Grannon is a fantastic life coach and definitely someone who gives ground truth and lets you see things from a non-technical perspective.  There is no fogging with technical jargon, just straight talking, inspirational life coaching.

*Beware – if you are offended by profanities, then please be aware that there are some naughty words from time to time – not something to watch with the kids!*


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