39 Day Challenge – Day 24


What a beautiful start to the day.  That can only mean one thing – Day 24 of the 30 Day Challenge.  As it’s Sunday again, we are off on our 30 min walk.  A nice relaxing time that we can use to reflect on how the challenge has been going.

When out on your walk today (the final Sunday walk of the 30 Day Challenge) really concentrate on how well you have done.  How your body will be loving this attention that it is getting and that you are really setting a great routine for yourself.

Congratulation, you have completed day twenty four of the 30 day challenge. You have given yourself 720 minutes of ‘me time’ throughout this challenge – way to go you. You are now well on your way to achieving the unthinkable.

If you are completing this challenge, please feel free to let me know how you are getting on. If you have any questions, again please feel free to contact me, either by commenting, or email me at Head4Fitness@yahoo.co.uk

Have fun with your walk today and see you all tomorrow for Day 25.

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