30 Day Challenge – Day Ten


Day 10!  Wow, that came round quickly.  For those of you who are following this 30 day challenge here are a few points to be mindful of:

After today’s workout, you will have:

  • Given yourself 300 min of ‘me time’.
  • Begun to change your mindset about exercise and the benefits.
  • Started to instill a focus on a healthy you.
  • Completed 1/3 of the challenge.

30 Day Challenge – Day Ten

30 min brisk walk.

Simplicity for a Sunday.  Go out, and enjoy a walk.  I want you to reflect over the past 10 days.  How you have begun to change your life through the medium of exercise.  Be mindful of how happy your body will be feeling, how grateful it will be that you are looking after it.  You have come this far, and you are fantastic.  Keep this going and you are well on your way to achieving the unthinkable 🙂

If you are completing this challenge, please feel free to let me know how you are getting on. If you have any questions, again please feel free to contact me, either by commenting, or email me at Head4Fitness@yahoo.co.uk


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