30 Day Challenge – Day 7

Day Seven

Welcome back to the 30 Day Challenge – Hello Day 7!

So, here we are with another 30 min of ‘me time’ improving our health through exercise. Keep on pushing. It will get easier – trust me. You are now in the zone, don’t stray from it. The hard work is done. All you are doing now is continuing on the process of forming a fantastic new habit that your body will love you for.

So, today’s workout is:

30 min Challenge – Day Seven

10 min – Brisk Walk/Jog:                   This is your warm up. Try and push so that you are raising your heart rate, but also warming up your major muscle groups. Add in some arm swings, torso twists and upper body movement.

1 min – Balance Push Up:                  Start by being in the press up position (either pivoting from your foot or knees). Lift one arm in front of you whilst balancing on your other arm and legs. This is a fantastic exercise to start working your stabilizer muscles and core muscles at the same time. Hold your arm out for 1 to 2 sec, return and do the same with the other arm. Repeat.

1 min – Brisk Walk/Jog:                  This is your recovery period. This is just to keep your body ticking over and preparing you for the next round of exercise. If you are doing this in your home, then marching/ jogging on the spot is ideal.

1 min – Leg Levers:                  Lie on the floor with your hands positioned just under your backside, feet together. Slowly raise your legs together at the same time whilst contracting your abdominal muscles. Try and get as high as you can with your legs very slightly bent. Slowly lower the feet back to the floor. Repeat.

1 min – Brisk Walk/Jog:                  As previous.

1 min Lunges:                  Start with your feet together and arms resting comfortably by your sides. Step forward with your right foot and lower your body until your front knee is at 90 degrees and your back knee is not touching the floor. Then, to complete the exercise, push off your front right foot while straightening your left leg. Keep your right foot off of the floor and balance with your right thigh parallel to the floor.

1 min Brisk Walk/Jog:                  As previous.

1 min Dorsal Raise:                  Lie face down with forearms on the floor and hands under your chin. Raise your upper body off the floor (keep your lower body and feet on the floor). Hold your upper body off the floor for a few seconds then slowly lower back to the floor. Repeat.

1 min Brisk Walk/Jog:                  As previous.

7 min Repeats:                  Repeat programme from Balance Push Ups through to Dorsal Raise.

5 min Brisk Walk/Jog:                  This is your cool down. Take it nice and easy and try and return your body to a relaxed rested state. Now is the time to smile from ear to ear because you have completed day one.

Congratulation, you have completed day seven of the 30 day challenge. Many congratulations, that a total of 210 min of ‘me time’ that you have given yourself. Now go look in the mirror and remind yourself that you rock and you are on your way to achieving the unthinkable.

If you are completing this challenge, please feel free to let me know how you are getting on. If you have any questions, again please feel free to contact me, either by commenting, or email me at Head4Fitness@yahoo.co.uk

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