30 Day Challenge – Day 6


So, Day 6 is upon us. I hope that you are all well on this fine day. So, what is in store for today then? Actually, its nice and relaxed today, so without further ado, lets go for it.

So, today’s workout is:

30 min Challenge – Day 6

30 min Brisk walk/jog                  Today, within this 30 min, I want you to jog/run for a total of 5 min. Now before you panic and start telling me that you cant jog/run for 5 min let me explain. I want a total of 5 min. You can break the 5 min down however you wish (5 x 1 min; 10 x 30 sec as an example). At the end of the 30 min, you must have completed a total of 5 min of jog/run. No excuses – you can do it.

Training is not all about physiological benefits. Today’s session is about psychological benefits. The psychological benefit of knowing that you can run for 5 min, albeit broken down. There will automatically be physiological benefits that you are gaining from undertaking this challenge, In my mind, the psychological benefits are greater.

Congratulation, you have completed day six of the 30 day challenge, that a total of 180 min of ‘me time’ that you have given yourself

If you are completing this challenge, please feel free to let me know how you are getting on. If you have any questions, again please feel free to contact me, either by commenting, or email me at Head4Fitness@yahoo.co.uk

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